Sunday, September 4, 2011

Naming Things

Had to update my blog name here ............ Dropped one of the "D's" since I found an old reprint of the newspaper and it's name was spelled Tidings.  All other postings remain the same.

The reason for the name Tombstone Livestock ........... there was an owner here previous to the one living here when I purchased it whose nephew worked for a cemetery and saved the temporary grave markers.  These markers look like they were made out of a single bag of concrete and have the name of the deceased and the year they were born and the year they died, just the year, no month or day.  There must be 75 or more here somewhere.  A lot of the markers I have found are from the '70's and '80's, however there has to be some here that are a lot older.  There are 16 of them alone that make up the 2 bottom steps before the concrete steps to my front door.  I have also made a patio out of some of them.  And, I used 2 broken ones outside the crawl space door in case anyone ever has the desire or need to crawl in under the house. The apartment out back was build on them instead of a foundation, and one of the barns is built on them.   The apartment was built prior to 1948 because there was a local water color artist that painted a picture of my house from the hill above, and it is published in his book and the painting is dated.  I assure you no one is buried under any of them.

The reason for the name Tombstone Tidings .......... my grandmother used to write articles for a local paper in the early 1900's and as I remember Tidings was part of the name of the paper.

And then there is the reason I named the Border Collie Dollar ........ our first Border Collie was named Penny, the next one cost more so we named her Nickel, well at my age I don't have time to run thru the rest of the pocket change so I skipped right to Dollar.

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