Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Temperature Changes

The temperature has really changed since last week, today's high was 74, tomorrow's forecast will be high of 64 with rain.  Last week we were in the mid to high 90's and high humidity.  Today's temp is much nicer ... but ............ time to find the cold weather clothes, a drop of 20 degrees in a matter of days, hard to think about the need to bundle up in just a matter of days.  Really going to need blankets tonight.  Finally turned off the ceiling fans for the first time in months and closed the windows tonight.  Looking forward to the cooler weather, just not quite ready.  Large bag of daffodils to plant, as soon as it rains and the ground is soft, will be a good project.  Bought yellow snapdragons and yellow and orange violas for various planters.  Orange violas were planted in wire basket and will look good with a mini pumpkin tucked in too.  Another project in the process is a bottle tree, the rods are in place, some on the bottles too.  Planted day lillies around the base, just need to soak the labels off 3 more of the blue Azul wine bottles, and drink another 2 and half leaves (Perrier bottles .. lol) and then put up divider fence to protect from romping dogs at play.  Maybe with the cooler weather will be more incentive to get outside and work on projects.  Rain tomorrow will help settle the dust, then a couple of days of sunshine and I can sit outside and watch the grass in the pastures turn green again.

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