Friday, January 27, 2012

Pass it forward! Pass it on! Don't Pass it up!!

Kaye over at GigglesandRaspberries started something! Now Susan at e-i-e-i-omg has caught it and I hope I can {infect} the rest of you -- figuratively speaking, of course. I am copying her post on the rules.

As part of the Hand Made Pay It Forward 2012, I hereby pledge to send something hand made by me to the first five people who leave comments. But wait! Before you hit that publish button, there's a catch! YOU first-five-commenters have to pledge to do the same.  It doesn't matter what you make, how complicated, or simple, it is. And you have to pledge to send them out by the end of 2012. So, there is no deadline looming over your shoulder, breathing guilt fumes down your collar. You have the whole year.

And, if you happen to procrastinate until December of 2012 it's your own darn fault. I hope that there are five readers out there who are game. Please leave me a hint as to your favorite color and I will see where that creative mind will take me from there.


  1. YAY!! I made it here in time to sign up! This will be fun! I think I'll do my "pass it on" post on Monday...

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  3. I think signing up would help me use up some of my stash, even though I still owe one of my blog readers a prize for LAST year's lambing! (AAAAH! But to be honest, her prize is a very ambitious project for me....)

    I don't have a favorite color, just colors that are my LEAST favorite - browns, yellows, oranges and many greens. (Edited for clarity.)

  4. Ok! I'm in!! :-) Don't know how it will go on my end since I don't have that many followers or much traffic on my blog. But what the hey! :-)

    I like browns, blacks and grays.

    Should be fun!!

  5. Audrey, I was composing my post to pass this forward and realized just how crazy I was to take this on. I'm going to back out - but will try to shoot for making some surprise homemade gifts for people "just because."