Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Old wood barn, to the left in back is a cattle loading chute.  There used to be a 2 story house
here made of round river rocks I drove by one day and it was completely demolished, not a trace of it wish I had taken pictures of it before it was gone.  Doesn't look like the barn is used for anything and no one living there anymore.

 Old hay barn by side of the road a little way up from the other barn


  1. you need to link these in to Barn Charm at

    it opens on monday evenings. :)

    i hate that they tore down the home!

  2. Yes, yes, link up with Barn Charm, those are great! :)
    What a bummer that the house got demolished.

    1. What a shame that old houses get abandoned and then torn down. What a waste.
      Wonderful photos... I love old barns too.

  3. Beautiful barns. I would love to have either one. Heck, I'd settle for any barn. We need one badly but fortunately our old shed is still holding up as home for goats and chickens.

  4. My wish would be that no more barns would be torn down in our country. What is it about a barn? Do they appeal only to folks with farms, ranches and homesteads? They are so beautiful, even as they age and sag. (Ha! If only someone would say that about me!)

  5. I love old barns like this, they have so much character. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Those are both neat old barns. Wish someone loved them as much as we do :-/.