Thursday, July 12, 2012

Enough is Enough already ...............

If it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all ......................... this morning while feeding, checking every critters waterer, waiting for the pump guy to come, yay, he was on his way, I noticed a large cloud of dust.  Saw a big Ford Pickup turn around out on the road and come down my road but did not see him pass driveway, so I went and looked around the trees and saw him walking in my gate. .......... He was the reason for the cloud of dust.  He was towing a Toyota pickup bed converted into a trailer full of dirt, it came loose and tore out 50+ feet of my fence along the road as it rolled over.

This little flip hitch with no pin did not hold  ...........................

Safety chain didn't hold it either if it was even attached to the truck.

It's gone now but not until we had another emergency ... the guy came back with his helper and was winching the trailer back to his truck when his helper starter yelling for help ... seems the guys Pace Maker was shocking him, so we then had fire and ambulance out, he turned out to be fine and  had extra help from 3 burly fireman to push the trailer up the bank and across the road to load onto flatbed.

Wish my life was dull and boring, oh and by the way while all this was going on the pump guys got my water back up and running .......... Fence guy will be out on Monday to look at the fence and will fix it next week, fortunately I did not have any livestock in this pasture, just need to be sure the dogs don't wander out there, but with no livestock they should not have a reason to be out there.

Once again Grandma was right, "Nothing's so bad it could not be worse" ... No one was hurt, no animals got loose.

Did I mention it's going to be about 107 or higher today?


  1. i think i'd be tearing my hair out! good lord! but at least you have the pump up and running! fingers crossed, your bad run is over with (and the fence can get fixed quickly!)

  2. Fingers crossed that this is the end of your bad luck for months to come! Try and stay cool!

  3. Oh dear. Seems you are having a bad stretch. I hope things start to go better for you.


  4. Oh my word!! It's a good thing there were burly firemen to help get the "trailer" up on the flatbed! ;-)
    I hope the guy's insurance is going to pay for your fence...

  5. wow what a week you've had. Glad your water is back on. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, our pastures are back green after getting rain everyday for a week now. We were getting into a pretty good drought, with trees loosing leaving and fields browing up. We thank god for the rain. Hope the rest of your week goes alot better. Good luck.

  6. Oh, for crying out loud! What is with these guys? I bet he didn't take the time to hitch up correctly and was driving too fast. I hope he's paying for your fence repair. I used to think bad things came in threes. Now I think they come in groups of threes. Here's hoping that your threes are over!

    1. BTW, I need your mailing address - no, I'm not a stalker. Just a lazy such-n-such that owes you a little "pass-it-on" something from MONTHS ago. At least I will be within the one year deadline. Email me at swomersley at g mail dot com.

  7. Ya know, I'm surprised more things like this don't happen these days. People are so irresponsible and just plain nit-witted! I sure hope he's going to pay for your fence repair. But, you are right, the important thing is that no one was hurt . . . human or animal. Good grief!