Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fun day and Shetland #6

Had a nice day with my neighbor, we went into the college to the Horticulture Dept. and bought some plants, then off to lunch and a little Antique and Collectibles Store.  When I got home the dogs were out in the pasture barking up a storm to let me know there was something needing my attention out under the big fig tree where the Shetland ewes were laying in the shade.

This is Blossom and Shetland Lamb #6, so score is now at 3 ewe lambs and 3 ram lambs, 'cause this little cutie is another ram, why, oh why, are the ones with the variety of color rams.  So far I think I have names picked for the rams.  Since this is a "D" year I think this little guy that has kinda a raccoon eye mask is going to be named Dalton.  Since I live between the Valley's Blossom Trial and Dalton Mountain named after Emmett Dalton of the Dalton Gang.  And here you thought the Dalton Gang was only in Kansas.  Bunny's ram is going to be Dusty, and Brandy's ram is going to be Dandy.

And this is one of the things I could not resist to put in the Wool House, I think I want to paint it white since I have some other wicker that is white.  This chair is child size so it will be just right for Lamb Chop.

And then there was this goat sign, plus I found an old enamel ware bucket but picture was not too good, will have to try for another one after I put a plant in it. 

There is one more ewe from this group of  2 year olds yet to lamb, hopefully she will have a spectacular ewe lamb, then I'll have a month's reprieve before the older 4 ewes lamb in May.  One of the Pygoras I bought in October is showing signs of an udder so maybe one of those soon too.  I lost the little black Angora Billy, he just never seem to spunky or alert, I even tried several days of giving him a bottle thinking maybe he just was not getting enough milk from mama, she was a good attentive mama, so just one of those things of living with critters that don't always make for the best of times.

I keep reading blogs where everyone is tired of the snow.  I guess they must feel like this year winter is 8 months long.  Yet here pastures are already turning brown, I think California is in for about an 8 month summer.   Take care where ever you are.


  1. At least you are even on males and females. The kids this year at our place is 7 males and 3 females..ugggg

    Love the goat sign and chair.

  2. Those pesky males! I was hoping for one last doeling from a specific breeding ('cause I sold the buck) and alas.....three for three. Males, of course. Ugh.

    Your little guys are still cute though :)
    Hope you get some rain, none of us need yet another drought year.

  3. If I ever got as many females as males I felt BLESSED; we seem to have something in the water here for boys.... So sorry about the black billy!

  4. cute little dalton. :) sorry for another ram. dang it!

    i know what you mean about 8 months of summer. i am grateful for every wave of cool air we continue to get this spring here in texas...

  5. Sorry to hear about the little billy. You do your best, but sometimes it's not meant to be. That is really interesting coloring on your latest little guy. And I LOVE the goat sign. You're right about the weather. And I'm not going to complain about it again. I do hope you get a wetter year than last. It's been brutal out there.

  6. Dusty, Dandy and Dalton . . . love those names. Sorry little Billy didn't make it. Yep, sometimes it is out of our control. I'm itching to get a couple of new house plants, but that will have to wait until we make our next trip to the big city. A couple of months (well, maybe three) and I'll have all the plants I want outside but right now I need some new greenery inside. We didn't get our usual amount of snow this winter nor much of any rain to speak of so far this spring . . . so where the heck does all our mud come from right now?

  7. awwww, another cutie!
    males are the lambs being born here ... don't mind tho, all of them are already sold and I have a waiting list for more ...
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Little Dalton is another cutie! Sorry to hear about the black one. I hear ya' on the weather. It was 90 in Tucson yesterday and it's supposed to be that hot again today.