Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Thursday ................... for lack of a better title

For everyone that is sick and tired of RAIN, and enjoying lush green grass, this is what I have been looking at since the first of April.  Total rainfall for this year has been under 7 inches, some eastern states got that much in hours.  We did have clouds for a few days, brought the temps down to the mid to high 80's but now we are in for another heat wave this weekend with temps in the 100 to 110 range.  

Cal Fire has arrested 2 people in the Coarsegold area for arson, can you believe and man in his 40's and a 46 year old woman.  What are they thinking.  I don't understand someone that deliberately does that.  Coarsegold had over 20 fires in their area in the last 8 weeks.  

The big fire in Mid Pines area is contained at just under 1800 acres and no houses or lives lost.  It was started by an abandon campfire.  WTG Cal Fire.

In the picture below there is a mountain just to the right side out of the picture, there was a fire in that area contained at 150 acres, haven't heard of a cause of that one yet.  It was put out in a few hours.

Last Sunday I decided to join the fiber group for a few hours and get in some spinning time.  When I loaded my wheel, bag of wool, potluck salad and assorted other junk stuff I left the door to the front porch open.  Monday morning Bella decided to have a hissy fit and run thru the house barking  then I saw the dove flying around trying fly thru a window.  So opened the door and left it open for about 10 minutes, while I made some coffee, (hard to deal with doves in the house before coffee).  Well didn't see it after a while so I closed the door.  Tuesday morning I kept hearing a noise like a very large mouse chewing on paper.  No mouse, just the dove still on the porch behind the curtains.  Found a wicker basket, trapped the dove, slid a broom over the top of the basket and put it outside on a log.  Had to find my shoes, then went outside to find a pan to put some water in for the dove .... it was gone.  Now besides bird poop all over my window sills, (and chair) I have poop all over my truck.  Right above where the dove is sitting there is a nest.  Yesterday I saw 2 big dove tails protruding out both sides of the nest..... these guys need to build a bigger nest next time.

So until next time, have a good weekend ...............


  1. I really don't understand people. Why would you deliberately set a fire, when you know it could endanger homes, lives and livestock? I hope they put them in jail for a good long time. I had to laugh at your comment about dealing with doves before coffee. I can't deal with ANYTHING before coffee... Really do wish I could send you some of our rain. Seems like the left and right coasts are out of balance.

  2. I love mourning doves; they calls are so poignant! We hear more collared-dove calls here; not nearly as beautiful although the birds themselves are pretty.

  3. dove poop! adding insult to injury. really hate the drought you've got this year and the extreme heat! thought of you when i heard about the dangerous heat wave, again. and bless all the firefighters...

  4. Those two that set those fires are just plain unbalanced. It scares the heck out of me to think there are people like that running around who lack any kind of moral code.

    Not a pretty picture of your dry, grown grasses.

    I think you have new friends in your mourning doves. They want to be near you. Too near you! When I was a kid, our family went on a week's vacation to a cabin on a lake. Somehow, the flue on our fireplace was left open and a sparrow flew down it into the house, and of course couldn't figure out how to get back out. We had bird poop all over everything . . . curtains, furniture, light fixtures, lampshades, windows . . . poor little bird was dead when we got home. Don't know if he starved or possibly did himself in flying into a window trying to get out. I remember my mom finding poop in various spots for weeks after that.

  5. How I wish we could send you some rain! We have Flash Flood warnings in effect today, it's just crazy.

    Arson that starts a forest fire ought to be considered an act of terrorism and treated as such. It's bad enough to have to deal with acts of stupidity like the camp fire.

  6. Wildfires scared the bejeezus out of me when I lived in CA. I'm feeling for you. I doubt we could get a tree to burn here. We haven't had too much rain yet, but the moisture is in the air, just in the form of humidity. Not sure where it's all ending up, but not here. If we could just reverse the jet stream...

  7. Too bad abut the bird poop! The fields in your first picture looks just like ours, beige and dry. We had the clouds and cooler weather too, but it has changed today. It's hot here again. And windy, which makes for scary fire weather. So far so good, though. And I can't believe that people will set fires like that.

  8. Sorry about the poop but the bird is so pretty. Sorry its so dry for you guys too. We had downpours here today.


  9. Trying to send some rain your way, ha. Our green though, sadly, is rapidly turning brown. We're now almost 3 weeks since last major rain.

  10. I can't imagine your drought. Wish we could send you some rain. A lot of rain.

  11. We are in the same boat here in So AZ, dry and HOT!! Tucson has had over 30 days above 100 degrees now, not a record yet but close. It is expected to be 100 in Bisbee Saturday for the Farmer's Market. That is way, way above normal for their elevation of 5200 feet! Sorry about all the bird poop, yuck!!

  12. Oh my! I whish I could send you some of the rain or at the least my green pastures ... My sheep can't even keep up with it ...
    not complaining tho ... last year this time we were in a severe drought, so I understand.
    Im' hoping for green pastures into Dec. here, it really cuts down on the hay, which i do not like to feed, it is to costly.
    Can't even think of how much you must be paying out.
    Temps here pretty consisitant, had a few 90+ days. Hope they don't come back ... I hate the quiet sound that the heat brings.
    Praying fro rain for you.