Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July already?

Wishing everyone a safe and sane Holiday

As a beginning spinner I bought a used Ashford Traveler spinning wheel, it came with 4 bobbins, every time I filled a bobbin I bought a couple more.  This had to change, so to participate in the Tour de Fleece I had to have some empty bobbins.  Time to learn to ply, this is some of my first spinning attempts and my second try at plying.  You could dock a boat with this rope.  But, I am going to use it to Tunisian Crochet a pillow cover and felt it.

And here it is on the Louet, bought it used and it only has 3 bobbins, so I cannot keep filling them up.

I have 4 full bobbins for my TdF stash so far.

I am wondering how high my digital thermometer will go, so far it has 
topped out at 113 degrees 4 times so far.


  1. You've amassed a LOT of homespun!

  2. eek! have been thinking of you and your critters in the heat!

  3. I was out in the garden doing a little work today. Don't know what the temp was . . . we've got to get a thermometer mounted out there . . . but it was warm because I could definitely feel the hot sun on my arms and lily white legs (that are almost always covered in long pants 'cause I'm crawling around in the dirt so much). We've kept the house closed up all day to keep it cool and I think we succeeded to well. The temp in here hasn't gone any higher than 65° and we were both chilly when we sat down to dinner!

    Keep working on your spinning . . . and try to stay cool. Happy 4th of July!

  4. I wish I understood spinning a little better. I'm sure whatever you are doing will be fabulous.


  5. You can wind off onto a center pull ball and then ply from those :-).

    What fiber is that? Does it have some shine to it or just in the picture? Very pretty and doesn't appear to be boat worthy!

  6. I have slightly better control over a center pull ball. But only slightly. giggle! But you should see what happens when I use a lazy kate ! You are making good progress!

  7. My neighbor is a very serious spinner. I would probably just tangle myself to the point that you'd have to cut me free and then whatever I made would shrink. 114? Sheesh! Too hot! Stay cool and safe.