Thursday, July 31, 2014

If it's over 100 degrees how can I have frostbite?

Well I have made it thru July, weather 7 day forecasts are a continuous rolling 102 to 107, and August is known to be more of the same.  Why oh why did I move to a place that has 6 to 8 months of summer.  I am so looking forward to Fall.  The last few years it has rained just enough on one day of the Big Fresno Fair to mess with attendance, Fair runs for 10 days in the beginning of October, can't wait.  It was cloudy, with thunder and lightning Wednesday with a few sprinkles, not even enough to dampen the dust, just saw a few drops of water in one of the dogs feed dishes.  Don't need lightning starting fires....there are 2 major fires just north of here, the Sand Fire in Mariposa County, near Yosemite, area is close to last years huge Rim Fire.  Saturday a fire started in Madera County area of the Sierras called the French Fire, brought a lot of smoke my way Saturday night.  And now, I see my cousin in Shasta County posted pictures of lightning caused fires in her area.

Two of the older Doppler ewes each had a single ewe lamb two weeks ago and are doing fine.   The Shetlands are having issues with the hot weather but the ewes do have a big fig tree to hide under during the day.  Bella and Dollar hang out in the house close to the fans.

How do I have frostbite?   I am living on popsicles and I noticed the tip of my tongue seems s little tender, LOL.

Doctor has been on vacation so nothing has been scheduled yet for my kidney stone, since it is in my kidney and not causing blockage it is not an emergency .....


  1. laughed at the frostbite! at least you have your sense of humor. i've struggled more and more with texas summers, too, yet this year has been very mild compared to others. :)

  2. Oh my. I wondered if you were near the fires. What is a Doppler ewe?

    1. Dang tablet _#)_#)=_:_*: they are Dorper ewes, this time it changed it to dropper, grrrrrrrrrr, I need to do a better job proof reading since tablet changes words on me.

  3. Oh, hope you can get that kidney stone taken care of BEFORE it causes you more trouble!

    I could not survive in your temperatures . . . but I know you think we're crazy for living where we have winter for 6 months of the year! Good thing we don't all want to be in the same place, huh? That would make for problems, too!

    Keep up with the popsicles . . . but take care of your tongue while enjoying them. :o)

  4. Be careful inhaling the smoke. I had lung issues for over a year after we has all that smoke in the canyon and I didn't think to stay indoors more. I know we have to be out there, but still, be careful. It has rained here since last night. Lovely, lovely and so cool and nice. We really needed it. I hope you got some too.

  5. Yum I love popsicles too. Banana is my favorite with orange running a close second. I pray you have no fires.

  6. Missed this post. frostbite lol. feel better.