Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last of the Shetlands lambed today

It's a single, but it's a girl.  And, she is basically white, hard to tell by this picture,
and I know one should always have the sun behind them when they
take a picture, but sometimes subjects don't always remember that
and you take what they will stand still for.


  1. I like the sun behind her. Photo rules are made to be broken.
    She is a dear little thing and it's a charming photo.

  2. So sweet ... I have been wanting a white ewe Shetland ...
    I still have one more to go ... Again, she was the fastest runner ... All the others lambed out a month ago!
    Anyway, it is always nice when it is over!

  3. Cute picture! Seems like she's looking out at the world trying to get a handle on just what it's all about~