Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Who is at fault ?????

It's a long, long list.  And, it starts with all the people that want to get as many $$$$$'s as they can.  I just heard on the news one of the gun shops in Fresno will give a discount to any teacher coming in to buy a gun. There are already enough people in there buying guns so let's seen now they are going to target a specific group of people so they can sell more, while all of this is still being hyped on the news.  Kudos to Dick's Sporting Goods that said they would stop selling assault rifles.  Now that is a step in the right direction.

There are the gun manufacturers, let's see, let's make guns where you can insert a clip with several bullets, ok, let's make the clips bigger, then it will hold more bullets, and let's sell spare clips. How can it be fixed when the Barn Door has been opened ..... not many people will turn in assault weapons they have, and the bad guys certainly won't.

Then there is the news, they descended on a small Connecticut town, got to be the first with the most news.  Every TV station had to send all their top reporters, camera men, sound guys, broadcast trucks to talk to anyone they could.  It was so sad to see the school buses going by banks of news cameras and microphones along the side of the road for the students that went back to school today.  Makes it hard to get kids back into the normal routine they say they need.

Fresno County News broadcasts are full of shootings on a daily basis, last week a 12 year old boy was sitting inside his home when hit by bullets from a drive by shooting, he was not the intended target, he was taken off life support this week.  This was thought to be a gang related shooting.

And then ... we cannot leave out Hollywood and the violent movies, or software companies that create violent video games under the ruse of entertainment.  It's hard to believe Road Runner cartoons were thought to be violent.

I know the list is a lot longer, we all need to work at improving things unless the Mayan calendar is right and we won't be here after next week.

I do believe in our right to bear arms ... tonight someone on the news was blaming our founding fathers for not being able to make predictions beyond black powder and muskets when they wrote the 2nd amendment.  Wish we could turn back the clock and shut the barn door tight.

Now where did I leave my musket.


  1. Do not know where to start but something has to be done, to much violence in the video games, movies.......Here in Canada, no weapons of mass destruction are allowed.......thank goodness.......thoughts and prayers for those in Newtown, Blessings Francine.

  2. It seems to me that when evil people are intent on causing mayhem and grief, they will, no matter what we try to do...

  3. Good post. I have so many teachers in my family and they certainly don't want to be armed, as has been suggested.

  4. The one thing nobody is willing to talk about it seems, is morals. Morality was abandoned some time ago as religious indoctrination and we have been attempting to teach society to be morally neutral. We have replaced it with situational ethics and moral relativism. If there is no clear cut right and wrong instilled in people and upheld by society as a whole, then we can only expect more of the same.

  5. Good post. The idea of arming teachers is just wrong. More loaded guns in a school can't be the answer.