Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy week

The first of the 11 Shetland ewes lambed on Monday night, single ewe lamb

And Tuesday morning a new Dorper ewe lamb

Last Thursday night a Chocolate Angora doe kid

Also this little red doe kid from another doe

The dogs keeping the Shetlands company in the pasture

Do you think it's spring?  The Daffodils due

And the Willow tree does too

 And Mr. Pib is so ready for Spring and the Sunshine

I am ready too, weatherman says we will be in the '80's already this week.


  1. Yay for all GIRLS!!
    And Yay for Kitty Pictures :)

  2. Oh my stars!!!!!! the babes are so so cute, love all the are so lucky Spring is in the air, Francine.

  3. love your pretty kitty! happy, healthy kids - i hope for all!

  4. Those angora kids are beautiful. It's a good thing we are a distance apart, or one of them would be in the back of my station wagon! That sunshine sure looks wonderful. 80s, though? Too warm for me! I'll be thrilled with 50s!

  5. I just love those curly haired kids and Mr Pibb is adorable! Your pasture is so lush and green....Every time our little bit of pasture starts greening up another frost will knock it down. At least all the weed brush is starting to green up and that will give the goats something to munch on other than hay.

  6. No doubt about the fact that spring has sprung at your place! (But you can keep your temperatures in the 80s . . . that's almost too hot for us northerners in August, for Pete's sake!)

    Your angora kids are adorable. How do you keep your hands out of those curls?

  7. Lots of variety in the babies at YOUR place; how fun!

  8. I just want to give them all hugs and kisses. Mr. Pibb is beautiful. I had a blue point siamese for almost 22 years. She was a lovely kitty. Spring has not sprung here yet. Snow showers to day.


  9. Beautiful little lambies and kids! Love your daffodils too! We are supposed to be near NINETY by Friday...where's the sunscreen?!?