Friday, March 15, 2013

Ewe number 2

Second of the Shetlands to lamb ..... another little black ewe 

hoping for more ewe lambs, but would like some variety in colors.


  1. Since this ewe looks musket, maybe this ewe lamb will go grey? At least grey would be a different color than black!

  2. Congrats on the ewe! And here's hoping you get lots more in every color imaginable. :)

  3. Soo cute! Congratulations ☺

  4. awww ... so cute,
    mine are all born balck with flash of white on head or cheeks and start to get there color as they get about 3 months, closest to skin. Also the older they get, their colors change as well.
    I wanted all white, could not find any, so I bred my Cheviot ewe to my Shetland ram. Worked perfet, she is small like a Shetland. Her fleece, all white. She has tiny tan spot on her face.
    I just love the Shetland breed so easy to manage.
    Hope you have a great lambing season!

  5. Yay for little black ewe! Time will tell what colors of the rainbow you end up with!

  6. Her mother is a looker, too. There is nothing like a lamb!

  7. Those are beautiful...mother and lamb; love the colors!