Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fences .................. Finally

Whoppee ......... I'm Back .............. had to start all over and reload Google

This is a fence to a gated community a few miles from me.  I found this fence about 10 years ago and took pictures on film.  I took new pictures a week ago, now with a digital camera.  I need to go find the old pictures because sections of this fence have been changed.  The old picture had a figure riding a bicycle playing a saxaphone, that section is now gone.

This is what someone with a very creative mind, welding skills and old rusty junk metal can make into a fence.

Electronic entrance gates

Cowboy with a Guitar

Love the tractor

I took over 45 pictures so more may show up here from time to time.


  1. oh, i hope so! i'd love to see more of this magic!

    and HOORAY for being able to post photos again!

  2. I covet this gate! This is the kind of gate I would love for our entrance... one that is beautiful and imaginative. I'm sure it would be very expensive to have one made, if you didn't do it yourself, so I will probably never own one.
    I will just enjoy your post instead. It's wonderful...

    1. Well just start collecting all the old rusty junk you can find, lay it out how you want it and then find someone that does welding to put it together for you.

  3. Cool. Love the fence pics. TFS.


  4. What a neat fence, very creative! :)

  5. Those are pretty remarkable, the creativity certainly does abound in that person.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. You know I'm obsessed with fences for our farm. I love this, ha. I could never DO it, but I can still love it!