Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Power of the Internet

For everyone that has been following the Donkey Roping Event to be held in Van Horn Texas .... the event has been CANCELED ...... Thanks to 7MSN Blog that brought this to everyone's attention and to all the Facebook and Blog people that signed the petition, sent emails to the Van Horn Chamber of Commerce and the Van Horn City Council this event WILL NOT be held this weekend.  I just received and email from the City Administrator.  Thanks to everyone that worked to prevent these donkeys from being subjected to cattle prods and roping and being called a sport.


  1. Had no idea, but SO glad to hear this cruel event has been canceled!

  2. So sad ... that in this PC age we live in, there are still things like that happening!
    Who are the real animals here? Think we all know the answer to that.
    Thanks for sharing ... and thank God, people stood together.

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