Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Thursday ................... for lack of a better title

For everyone that is sick and tired of RAIN, and enjoying lush green grass, this is what I have been looking at since the first of April.  Total rainfall for this year has been under 7 inches, some eastern states got that much in hours.  We did have clouds for a few days, brought the temps down to the mid to high 80's but now we are in for another heat wave this weekend with temps in the 100 to 110 range.  

Cal Fire has arrested 2 people in the Coarsegold area for arson, can you believe and man in his 40's and a 46 year old woman.  What are they thinking.  I don't understand someone that deliberately does that.  Coarsegold had over 20 fires in their area in the last 8 weeks.  

The big fire in Mid Pines area is contained at just under 1800 acres and no houses or lives lost.  It was started by an abandon campfire.  WTG Cal Fire.

In the picture below there is a mountain just to the right side out of the picture, there was a fire in that area contained at 150 acres, haven't heard of a cause of that one yet.  It was put out in a few hours.

Last Sunday I decided to join the fiber group for a few hours and get in some spinning time.  When I loaded my wheel, bag of wool, potluck salad and assorted other junk stuff I left the door to the front porch open.  Monday morning Bella decided to have a hissy fit and run thru the house barking  then I saw the dove flying around trying fly thru a window.  So opened the door and left it open for about 10 minutes, while I made some coffee, (hard to deal with doves in the house before coffee).  Well didn't see it after a while so I closed the door.  Tuesday morning I kept hearing a noise like a very large mouse chewing on paper.  No mouse, just the dove still on the porch behind the curtains.  Found a wicker basket, trapped the dove, slid a broom over the top of the basket and put it outside on a log.  Had to find my shoes, then went outside to find a pan to put some water in for the dove .... it was gone.  Now besides bird poop all over my window sills, (and chair) I have poop all over my truck.  Right above where the dove is sitting there is a nest.  Yesterday I saw 2 big dove tails protruding out both sides of the nest..... these guys need to build a bigger nest next time.

So until next time, have a good weekend ...............

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Those are not clouds in the sky

Tonight when I went out to do chores, I saw some smoke, didn't have my camera so after I got half of my chores done the smoke kept growing, went in and got my camera, for some reason I never remember to keep it with me at all times.  This is a wildfire burning in Madera County, and also one in Mariposa County,  the news said about 135 homes in Mariposa County have been evacuated and more put on standby.  Further up Hwy 41 in the town of Coarsegold they have had 17 fires in the last couple of weeks and suspect maybe it is arson, and there is another small one there tonight.

It's going to be a long hot summer and the thought of someone deliberately setting fires is unbelievable, thinking of all our firefighters that have to be out there in this heat with all their gear and praying for their safety. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

It's my neighbors fault ........................

We went to lunch today and a little shopping afterwards, Tractor Supply, so I picked up a magazine while she bought a roll or wire.  Then on to Target, nothing there I could not live without.  But, then on to Home Goods, I found the big basket there to keep wool roving in and this adorable sheep planter or magazine rack, and I was not looking to buy anything.  You know I had to come home with it since it was a sheep.

For everyone dealing with excessive rain I wish there was a way to route it out to California, today was the first day of this month that was under 100 degrees here.  After 112 on Saturday and 107 Sunday, today's temp of 91 was a big relief.  I guess no matter where we live we cannot control the weather.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Put a fork in me .... I'm cooked

Welcome to Sunny Central California ................. since I started tracking high and low temps the first of June,  six days so far have been 100 degrees or higher .... and there have only been 6 days so far to track.  Weatherman says we are in for a heat wave this weekend, with tomorrow's high predicted for 110, don't think I will be going into town to participate in WWKIP day  It should cool down to the 90's next week.  Average days for weather to be over 100 in this area is 36, but last year there were 47, going to be a long hot summer ...... welcome to global warming.  For everyone in the east that is getting nothing but rain, you are getting more in one day than I got all this year.  I keep saying I am not going to whine, grandma told me nothing is so bad it could not be worse.  So many States are having weather problems that I cannot even comprehend what I would do.  So for now I will keep the critters water full, and play in the sprinklers, may go buy some new misters to put out in the willow tree to keep the woolies cooler.

To get me thru the summer I am keeping the fridge full of cold water, iced tea, and some coffee ice cream in the freezer.

2 scoops of coffee ice cream, cold leftover morning coffee, squirt of Redi Whip and some Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and who needs to go to town to Starbuck's.

Take care, in the meantime I am staying out of the sun as much as the critters will let me, they are trying to stay in the shade themselves.