Friday, February 22, 2013

Sick, Goats in the Bathtub, Snow ... what a week

Started last Sunday sick, didn't do evening chores until after 6 p.m., almost dark, dang, two angora goats kidded, shearer is not coming until the end of March, tried clipping the long mohair away from one side on each of the does so babies could find the udders.  After 9 p.m. still babies had not nursed so I milked out colostrum from each doe and brought the babies into the house and put them in a box in the bathtub after getting them full of the colostrum.  My intentions were to put them back out with the does in the morning, well best laid plans did not happen with change in the weather.  Temps went from mid 70's down to freezing in a matter of couple of days.  Glad the snow is just a bit higher in elevation than me.  Babies have graduated to a bigger box, now I need to move them to a big dog crate out to the porch before they start climbing out of the bathtub and onto the sofa in the living room to watch TV.  I really need to buy them airline tickets and send them to Sara.

These girls need a name ... something that starts with a "D", will have to look at my
list of "D" names I started for Shetland Lambs

The Dorpers have a good view of the snow ....

So glad I am below the snow line ......

Snow has started to melt

And my Daffys are blooming ...........

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Surprise, Surprise, and baby goats too......

If I was going to name any of the Dorpers this guy would be Gomer Pyle, I brought the sheep in Saturday afternoon, went to my daughter's for dinner and put the Dorper herd out in the front pasture Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon I noticed this ewe and lamb in the top pasture, she must have been hiding Saturday night.  Surprise, Surprise.

Tuesday Morning one more Boer Goat, another billy

And the first of the Angoras to kid, adorable large chocolate billy

The older 4 baby Boers out enjoying the sunshine

Friday, February 8, 2013

What's been happening ....

Daffodils are coming up 

Narcissus are blooming all around outside the house

but then yesterday morning the grass was covered with frost

 and some storm clouds moving around

Cleared up in the afternoon in time for these babies arrival both does, hooray, 
this is a registered doe I bought years ago, always had 2 buck kids til last year when she
had a buck and a doe, so these will probably both be keepers.

Since the weather cleared up last night I decided to drive up the mountain
and go to fiber group get together, came out weather was clear and cool until
I got about a mile down the road, heavy rain, hail, wind, and just light rain 
when I got home, right now it is pouring down hard as I look out the window, 
hoping it lets up when it is chore time.  Up until yesterday our total rainfall since last July was 4 inches, that's less than some people get in an hour.

For all of you expecting a big snow storm this weekend stay warm, stay dry, take care.

Friday, February 1, 2013

OK Pux .... let's talk

Hey there Puxatawny Phil, I want you to tell the world that we will be having a early spring this year and it is going to last at least thru the end of June here in California.  Sorry no pictures to back my claim but my daffodils are poking thru the ground and my Narcissus are forming buds.  But listen carefully Pux, I don't want a loooooong hot drawn out blazing hot summer.  Just want a nice early lingering spring.