Monday, September 12, 2016

It's about time for ..................................

an update.

Here are the Shetlands back in March waiting for their turn to meet the shearer.

After sharing fleeces with my helpers for their services that day and their purchasing
a couple more, sold some fleece, took some to the mill, and donated over 80 pounds to
Wool for Worthy Causes, I still had shelves full of fleece, I decided to venture into a new
endeavor and entered 7 fleeces in  the Monterey County Fair.

So pleased with the results when I opened the mail on Saturday.

Here is the comment sheet on Ebony's fleece

and Daphne's comment sheet

Can't wait now for next year's shearing

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fire Season in CA is here

My neighbor called me Sunday afternoon about 4
and said her power was out and there was a fire on the mountain. 
You can just barely see the smoke and patch of burnt grass.
As you can see all the green grass is now brown and very dry.

it didn't take long for the wind to expand it's territory, fortunately
Cal Fire brings in Air support immediately here.  The Helicopters
are able to refill in the lake at the bottom of the mountain.

There were also 2 fixed wing planes too along with a spotter plane flying above.

so glad there is an orange grove between me and the mountain.

Great job by Cal Fire getting this under
control in 2 hours and staying overnight
watching for flare ups.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 Update

January 30th brought a lot of rain all at once but still not an end to the California drought

March was shearing time, fleece, lots and lots of fleece

Shearing staff taking a break

Not much time for the shearer to take a break

One of the three Finns getting sheared

and one lone Babydoll Southdown after shearing

if you look close in my weed patches you might find some flowers

Shetlands started lambing April 9th, here is Clara and her ram lamb.

This morning Ousto also lambed, two black ram lambs.

And waiting her turn is Ollie, hope there is a ewe lamb or two in there.

How green is my valley ...........


Hoping all my friends in Blog land are well and enjoying spring, for those areas making the news with still getting snow or hail the size of golf balls there is still some open space in California.