Thursday, April 26, 2012

Christmas present from my neighbor

 My neighbor gave me these solar garden lights for Christmas, 2 sets, each set has a hummingbird, dragonfly and butterfly.  During the day they are clear, at night they change color, from red to purple, blue, green and orange.  Really fun to sit outside at night and watch them all changing colors.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You know I just had to buy it ........................

I stopped by a local yarn shop today and when I left I thought I would check out the antique store next door, there are lots of antique stores in this little town all within a few blocks of each other, but I had never been in this one.  As soon as I saw this sheep cookie jar I knew I had to bring it home with me because ......

it matches this spoon rest I have had for over 20 years......

Foxgloves and Iris are blooming



I'll get to eat my second strawberry soon

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Addition and some this and that .................

I have been trying to download this picture for several days now .... then I remembered someone asking about needing to acquire more space on Picasa ..... hmmm .... when all else fails read instructions.... now if I could just find the instructions.  Well I went to Picasa and found pictures that I could not load on some days, and then I found duplicates .... now I need to find instructions on deleting duplicates. 

Anyway this is the second calf (belongs to my daughter) I just get the fun of watching the two of them run and play, til I run out of pasture grass here.

 Turning the sheep out on the top pasture in the mornings ........

Here is another picture I found that I tried to download sometime ago ... Fonzie snoozing standing up

And the ponies ......

this was the first Boer Billy born, don't remember if I already posted his picture

Monday, April 2, 2012

No Pictures

Well the sheep and goats were to be sheared yesterday ........... that WAS the plan.  Weatherman kept saying Saturday it was going to rain .....So put 7 sheep in the stock trailer, locked 8 yearlings inside their shed, Angoras were inside ok.  Saturday afternoon the wind came up, I went out to cover the trailer, no problem the wind helped get the tarp up over the trailer, went to tie it down, another gust of wind blew it completely over the top and down the other side, had to go back to square one and start again.  Finally got them covered all snug as a bug and staying dry.  Yesterday morning I decided the normal shearing spot was wet and not going to work so I took down portable pens and moved them into the carport, got half the Angoras in the pen ready for the shearer to get here about 2 o'clock, that WAS my plan, 4:30 he still was not here and still had many sheep to shear at another location.  So today everyone got sheared, 15 shetlands, 12 angoras, but there won't be any pictures because while I was tarping the trailer in the rain my camera was in my pocket and now it is not wanting to take any pictures.  Hope it starts working soon, I don't want to have to by a new camera.

BTW the calf has a new playmate, a dark brown, almost black bull calf ........................

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lamb Races and new Addition

 Young lambs are so full of energy and so much fun to watch them running and playing with each other.

And their off and running

There were 18 running the ditch, couple of them must be down inside

Getting ready to turn around and do it again ..................

Bull calf, mama is Red Angus, papa is a Hereford, where did this color come from? 

 He sure is cute tho, but he is not mine, moved my cows out to be with bull and brought 2 of my daughters cows here that were due to calve, still waiting on the other one.