Friday, November 30, 2012

Can you see it ... Dollar can

Blogger is making me frustrated .... don't know if it's my computer or Google ..... trying to post, not showing pictures, just boxes.  When I leave comments on blogs I follow, some fall into a big black hole somewhere, some show up.  Some blogs comments box show on bottom of blog, others separate window opens, both to write and to view.

It is finally raining in California enough that I can sit by my window and watch the pasture grass grow.  There was a little sprouting/wilting grass before it rained and now with this rain it will really help.  Went to the feed store yesterday and the price of hay was up $2.00 a bale from last week so pasture will really help cut back on costs.

Now I just need some ambition to go dig out some sort of Christmas decorations, have about one half of my Christmas cards addressed ... that's a start for now.  Maybe a cup of Egg Nog will inspire me.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

It's so foggy this morning ... that fig tree in the pasture is about 150 ft from me.

Brock and Buster discussing how happy they are that they are not Turkeys today

I hope Bella and Dollar will share part of the sofa with me after Turkey Dinner, looks
like they already had dinner 

Wishing you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving Dinner with your Families.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finally something to Post ..... RAIN

Not much compared to what other parts of the country get, but hopefully enough to get the pastures to sprout some green grass.  Since it has only sprinkled a couple weeks ago this is the first rain since last April.   This picture is out my front door looking east towards the Sierras.  I think the least amount of rain here since moving here in 1999 was about 6 inches and the most was about 18 inches .... for the year  .... I know there are areas that get that much or more in a day.

This is Mr. PIB I told my sister in law if he was a girl I would have named him PIA for Pain In A... instead he is Mr. Pain in Butt  .... I think he is trying to tell me that I need to get the Mulcher/Blower out and clean the patio for him.

He is kinda good looking for being such a pain.

I just looked out the window ... it is not raining right now but there is a big rainbow .... going to see if I can find that pot of gold.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Need to do a better job of counting

If I am home all day I turn the Dorper Ewes and Lambs out into the pastures.  In the evenings, they have biological clocks that tell them it is feeding time or if I am early the sound of the mule brings them all to the pen.  They will either be standing by the feeders or next to the gate, waiting for me to fill the feeders.  I make sure to count all the lambs (several times sometimes) to be sure they are all in the pen before I close the gate.  Tuesday night all the lambs were in the pen, no problem.  The dogs were over at the falling down barn barking which they usually do when the cat is in the rafters, didn't think a thing about it.  Well Wednesday morning when I went out the let the ewes out one of the was already out ... must have been her hiding out in the barn .... and she had lamb number 14 by her side, a little ram.  Need to count ewes and lambs when I close the gate.

Neighbors trees are finally getting their fall color

To every one on the east coast suffering from the weather, it was 83 degrees here on Wednesday and in the 60's yesterday, cooling down really fast, sunny today with big white clouds over the Sierras.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twelve and Thirteen ..............

... Thirteen is a lucky number, right?

I have lost count on boys vs, girls so far, but these 2 are both ewe lambs, now 
if we could just get some rain so the grass will start to sprout, really going to need
pasture to start producing to cut down on hay bill.  There are still 6 more Dorper ewes some look close to being due and one or two don't even look pregnant, but give them time, LOL.

At least there is still a few more months before the Shetlands start lambing and I still have 3 more 
Shetland ewes to put in with the rams next week.

While feeding a few days ago I saw a dead bird on the other side of the fence in
neighbor's field, looked a little bigger than a dove, so I went and looked at 
it but did not have camera.  It was missing the head but looked like a young
hawk.  Well now there is just a pile of feathers and yes it was a young red tail.

Lately the news has been hyping up that California is due for a BIG storm, well I am a little
better prepared than some of those on the east coast, just because I don't live near the grocery store I am
used to stocking up.  Matter of fact last week when I went to the store it had been 2 weeks since I went to town.  But it is now time to keep the diesel can full for the Mule and I think if the price of gas goes down a bit more I will fill the tank in the truck.  I never let my tank in the truck go below a quarter of a tank because I don't want to have an emergency and have to go somewhere at night a search for an open station.  But with the prices lately I don't fill it up either, just $20 - $40 depending on my plans for the week.  If I filled it up all the time I would probably be found out joyriding taking pictures everywhere.

Have a good day, stay safe,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bought another pumpkin on Halloween ...

On my way home from having lunch with one of my daughters yesterday I stopped to see a friend at her little   store .... she had wheelbarrows full of all kinds of pumpkins outside ... so I bought this one and plan to save the seeds .....

Lamb update .. now there are  11 

Today I took some fleeces to the a local yarn shop  to sell and I bought some more bobbins for my new spinning wheel, there are several antique stores along the streets by the yarn shop, ever have a day when you feel like something is calling you ... this is what I found way in the back of the antique store.  I saw this on a plaque in a catalog year or so ago, but must have thrown the catalog away, because I could never find it again.  When I saw this old rusty skillet I knew it was coming home with me.

Hard to believe it is November already, and this year is coming to a close ......