Friday, August 29, 2014

what's up

August is almost over and boy oh boy I will not miss it when it's gone.  August 3rd, my cousin who was in the process of moving from California to Idaho came to spend one night enroute.  When he called and said he was about 2 hours away I decided ok, time to put clean cover on the sofa.  As I took the one off the sofa out to the washer (my laundry is out in a separate building) I walked down the three steps and went about 5ft and almost stepped on a coiled rattlesnake.  $@#;;&% ran back in the house found my shotgun, box of shells, loaded one shell and shot the snake from the deck.  As I watched to make sure I got the snake I see a second one come out from under the steps ....... that I had just gone up and down.  I quickly loaded another shell  and blew that sucker away too.  Both snakes were about 3 ft long one with 8 rattles the other had 9. 

My one night visit with my cousin lasted 5 days, he had kidney stone surgery two weeks before traveling.  Ended up taking him to Urgent Care Facility and getting him some antibiotics.  Would have been a nice visit if either one of is was feeling well.  He is going to be 85 this year and since Idaho is a ways away don't know when we will see each other again.

I had my kidney stone surgery on Monday, feeling much better, just waiting to get off antibiotics tomorrow so hopefully I will have an appetite and food will taste good.  Haven't been to fiber group get togethers in over a month, hoping to feel up to going on Sunday.

Come on Fall ...... I seriously need some rain.