Thrift Store Finds

Here are a few of my latest Thrift Store finds ............

Vase and Pitcher $.1.95 each, but there are still price tags on the
 bottoms from Vera's Boutique ... Vase, $39 and Pitcher, $29

Pigs and Cow on one side, Sheep and Bull on the other.  Could not pass these up.

After seeing Susan's BNOTP rotating plates on display I found these for
that purpose, now if I could just find the wrought iron plate stands I bought long time ago.

Blue fruit plate was $2, Pier 1, made in Italy, would have been better
 picture if I could find plate stands.

This fruit plate is also a Pier 1 made in England and also $2.

Gibson Rooster Bowl was a good deal for $1.

and my copper potpourri pot another $2 find.

This cute terra cotta rabbit was $5, bottom half is glazed on the inside.