Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So what did I do today ?????

Not much, did not harvest anything from a garden, did not can or freeze anything, or dehydrate, didn't knit a scarf, sweater or mittens.  Didn't cook anything to show a picture, post a recipe (I only have a kitchen cause it came with the house).  Didn't do much of anything really .................. except puppy sit.  Daughter had to take her Aussie pup, Ginger to the vet this morning on her way to work.  So I got to go meet her at work and bring home the puppy for the day.  Since she didn't like her first trip on a leash I had her outside for a bit while I tried to water a few plants, so I put her on a Bella size chain to get her used to containment, as I moved her from place to place. She got the idea to walk along behind me without fighting being attached.


Does my lawn look dry dead?  Ahhh, California summers.  Florida to Louisiana got more rain in the last 24 hours than I get here all year.  Think last year was about 7 inches total for the year, wettest year since I have been here was 18 inches.

P.S. Jealous Dollar is glad puppy has gone home and no longer in my lap.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clouds but no rain

Dollar riding shotgun checking out the sunsets too, I guess the camera flash reflection on her white collar takes away from the deep colors of the sunset.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pig Swap

The end of June I bought 2 pigs,

the one on the left is a gilt (female) the one on the right is a boar (intact male), however, I did not want an intact male pig, but I did want 2 so they would keep each other company.

Saturday the male (the one in the back) went back to the sale, he weighed 60 lbs and sold for what I had paid for both pigs in June.  But, there were not a lot of pigs, let alone gilts at the sale, but I did come home with one, for $2.00 less than the one I sold, price of pigs was really high but did not want to come home without a companion for the other one.

Here is Miss Piggy's new companion Petunia, she is about the same size as Miss Piggy was back in June, she has some catching up to do.

The 2 pigs I bought the end of June ...............................

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gettin' Ugly

My attitude it getting as bad as the weather lately.  So far for this month of August there were 11 out of 13 days over 100 degrees, way over, the weather was supposed to cool down after Sunday.  Now looking at the 7 day forecasts all are over 100, with today being  109, cooler than yesterday's 110.  Keep waiting for the next 7 day forecast to see something less than 100 but no they just keep adding another one.  So far this summer there have been over 30 days of 100+.  Poor sheep even tho they have shade, and I fill water troughs twice a day with cold water they still walk around with their mouths open and panting.  

I am so ready to see snow on those mountains.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aliens? / Critters / Weather

Last night doing chores I notice strange streaks in the sky, aliens flying thru my clouds ?


This is Brock, loves to have his chin scratched

and his ears

Fonzie came to have his picture taken too

It is cloudy today, as much as I would like to see rain, not now
I just had 80 bales of alfalfa hay delivered Thursday and the
stack is way to tall for me to try to tarp by myself, hay guy did 
knock down about 8 bales for me, he caught me looking at the
height of the stack.

Weather man on TV said thunder showers are possible in
the Sierras, hopefully the rain will be a little further up
in elevation if it does.

Keeping my fingers crossed ................

Friday, August 3, 2012

ALBC / Clouds, Sun and Moon

As a member of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy I also follow them on Facebook.  Today they have a post regarding livestock and drought conditions.  I think this information would be of interest to anyone raising livestock.  And if you don't have any rare breed of livestock maybe it would be a good time to consider adding some.

And now for a few pictures (I remembered to take my camera out with me) .............

Big puffy cloud over the Sierras 

Morning sun coming thru the trees, and yes there is a power line  in the picture


And the moon was still out this morning when I did chores