Monday, January 9, 2017

WOW .............. 2017 already

Where has all the time gone.  Working on changing the little house into a wool house, progress is slow, but then so am I.

I finally made enough room that the 4 harness floor loom I bought last winter was delivered by it's former owner in October, and I have some cones of yarn and bought some odds and ends of leftovers at the Handweavers Sale this fall.  Now to find the time for weaving.

California is finally getting some much needed rain.  Front pasture is flooding but not as much as last January so far.  More rain is predicted for the next week.  Sheep and goats are enjoying all the green grass, but not so much the muddy spots.

Hope everyone has a great 2017 and the world gets back in balance where it should be.

Happy New Year