Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 .... Hello 2014

Those green coats are getting well used .... took them off the 2 ram lambs Saturday morning, kicked them and mom out of the stock trailer into the big world of the rest of the herd.  Got up Sunday morning only to find 2 new lambs, this time 2 ewe lambs, so they got the coats and are now living in the trailer since nights are still down in the low 30's.

Temps have been in the 60's during the day .... good for growing winter veggies, I have planted 36 Broccoli and 12 Cauliflower in the raised beds.

I planted 18 Lettuce plants in 2 old rusty wheelbarrows, I can move them under cover when needed.

Dollar is wondering where all the green grass is we should have by now.  Farmers and Ranchers are really going to be hurting if we don't get some rain soon.  All the hills and pastures are still brown and dry.  Weatherman said this morning this is the dryest in the 100 years of record keeping.

Little bull calf is growing on alfalfa but would be much cheaper to feed if there was any grass in his pasture.

Wish there was some way to take some of the rain and snow that everyone is already tired of and send some of it to California.  Ski resorts here would love some of your snow and the Farmers and Ranchers would love to have some of your rain.
Wishing you all a
***** Happy New Year *****

Friday, December 27, 2013

Outgrowing their shirts

Here are the 2 lambs born little over 2 weeks ago, their shirts are more like muscle shirts now, no I have not cut any off, they are just outgrowing them.  Think I will take them off tomorrow and get ready to turn them out with the rest of the ewes and lambs.  Temps are now in the mid 30's at night and still in the 60's during the day.
Today there was a big package in my mailbox ....Sweatshirt sleeves ........... I hope no one in Idaho is running around with cold arms.   I had sent a picture of the lambs the day they were born to my cousin's daughter ........ today she sent me a whole wardrobe for future lambs, LOL.  Now I am thinking how handy these will be when the Shetlands start to lamb, first off, it will be easier to keep track of twins born to ewes if they have matching coats, and if I start off getting them used to wearing something they should be easier to get them to wear coatx.
Still no significant rain here, it has only rained twice about 1/2 inch each time, grass is trying to sprout but until we get a really good rain and the ground gets some much needed moisture there is nothing for the sheep or goats to eat.  My latest stack of 72 bales of alfalfa is dwindling fast.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas
looking forward to a
Great New Year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to All

I should have taken the date off my camera tonight, since I did not put up a tree this year I pulled out a picture of my first Teddy Bear Tree from `99, this was the first year I did this kind of tree, the one in 2000 was much better but I don't know where I put the pictures.
I now have a trunk full of stuff animals for decorating one of my Christmas Trees, not only are there oodles of Teddy Bears there is a collection of sheep, some goats, border collies and dalmatians and a Christmas Mouse.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and looking forward to a really
great New Year, hope I remember to date my checks 2014.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's been awhile .......................

Hmmm, been a month + since I posted, lots going on, cousin and his wife were here for 5 days, one daughter came to visit for 4 days, sick for a week, and then cousin was back for 2 days.  Add this to cold weather, new lambs, and issues with my truck, replacing one piece at a time, new battery, new starter, new alternator, getting a new truck one piece at a time.
Single little ram lamb born Nov.  22.

Snow last Saturday morning, was supposed to snow at 500 ft. but it is at about 1500, I like to look at it but glad it is up higher, I am at 463 ft.

Didn't see one ewe when I was feeding, found her with her lambs down in the ditch out of the wind, hmm, 2 more ram lambs.  Out of the last 5 lambs, 4 are rams.  Hope those stats change when it is time for the Shetlands to lamb.

And now wearing sleeves from an old sweatshirt and bedded down in the stock trailer.


Still debating about pulling out Christmas decorations, as much as I like them, it will be time to put them away so soon, but I will dig out some.
Hope everyone is staying safe, warm and dry,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.