Friday, May 17, 2013

Squirrel, Clouds, Lamb races, and other things

There was a squirrel chirping away under the chain cover on the manure spreader, looks like I have a bumper crop of ground squirrels this year..... front pasture is full of squirrels and what's worse is all the large holes they have dug everywhere.  

Dollar, Fancy and Sadie .... they know it is in there somewhere ...

Temps have come down drastically, thank goodness, thanks to these clouds yesterday, 
but, no rain, that's ok since they brought the temps down to the 80's.  It's too late this year to do the pastures  any good, won't see any green til next winter, but clouds are welcome anytime they block out the hot valley sun.

Every evening when I go out to feed, the younger Shetlands hold lamb races, so much fun to watch.

Forgot to mention I have a bottle baby, she heard me come out of the house, she is small enough to crawl thru some of the panels to the ewes pen.  Here she is greeting me at the back door, wanting her bottle .... NOW.  Even after I feed her she continues to crawl out of the pen and chase me,  I know she can run faster than 10 miles an hour when I go up the hill to feed the cows.  I call her PIA for Pain in A.. , she thinks she is not a lamb, and does not belong in a pen. 

and I have another new sheep to add to my collection, my cousin was here for a visit, decided his sheep needed to come live with my herd.  

and I saw another snake this morning .... not a rattlesnake, but about 3  ft. long green snake, haven't seen any that look like that before, need to get on the net and find out what kind it was.  Looks like I will be wearing those ugly black rubber boots all summer.

Dogs got skunked Monday night, Febreze has not helped Dollar's odor at all..  

I think the neighborhood wildlife is hanging out here to help themselves to the critters water.

Monday, May 13, 2013

When you're hot you're hot .........................

Last 3 days .... 101 on Saturday, 104 on Sunday, Mother's Day and 104 again today, Monday .... going to be a long hot summer, these are temps we usually see in July and August .... guess I better get those other 3 shade trees I have planted where the animals can benefit.

Daffodil, Dalton and Daisy are 2 months old, getting so big. 

Dillon, Dixon, and Diablo, the boys, hanging out in the shade, they are little over 2 weeks old now.

For Mama Pea and everyone that still has cold weather .... please send some my way ... I may have to spend the summer in a kidding pool or a water trough .......................