Saturday, October 29, 2011


Finally, got new tires on the stock trailer yesterday, so today was trip to auction day.  I have had 11 of the Dorpers that I decided I did not want to keep for replacements penned and waiting to go to the sale.  At the price of hay I wish they had gone month or two ago.  Although price on sheep was good, goats were selling much higher.  Time to run an ad for Dorper lambs that are ready to wean, and 4 goats, need to make room for next lambing/kidding go round.  After having the Angoras sheared a couple weeks ago, a few does look awfully rotund like maybe they will be kidding before the end of the year.  Since they were with the billy anything is possible.

Rain we had last month was so welcomed, grass sprouted, then nice warm days and grass was looking really good, now between the sheep and the dry weather grass is drying up.  We could really use another good rain.

With Daylight savings time ending I need to get several outside projects finished (I know we will have the same number of hours of daylight but I am not a morning person, lol).  And the days are getting shorter too.

Right now Iron Chef is on TV .................... If I had to eat the things they prepare I would rather starve, chef could not even pronounce one of the items he is serving, and one made sorbet by using liquid nitrogen.  Makes you not ever want to eat in a restaurant.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Paper Coffee Filters

If you use paper coffee filters and put your coffee grounds in the compost pile, save the paper filters, I use them in the bottom of one gallon flower pots to prevent the soil from washing out the bottom. I recycle black and white print newspaper in a couple of layers in larger pots.

Out of Date Milk

When my girls were in 4H Dairy Goat project the leader asked the 4Her's what they did with all their goat milk, since showing dairy goats in milk meant they needed to be milked twice a day. One of the girls admitted she did not like goats milk and just dumped it in their garden. What a waste. BUT, several years later I read that you should rinse out your milk cartons and water your tomatoes with the water. Even better I have since taken out of date milk, I always seems to have a half cup or so left, I would add water to fill the gallon jug and water the garden. Tomatoes love calcuim, and had a nice abundant crop of tomatoes. No tomatoes, then I added it to compost pile.

Old Socks/Sweat Shirt Sleeves

Several years ago I fell for commercial for Swiffer mops, well instead of buying more disposable pads I take old socks that have holes in them (sorry, mom, I remember all the years you spent darning my socks) and cut them long ways. They fit on the mop head, then just tuck into the slots same as Swiffer pads.

Another use for old socks is for baby goats or lambs, use the cuff for the neck, cut a slit on each side of the heal for kid/lamb front legs, then cut from middle of foot to toe open. A large sock will keep a small kid/lamb warm for first couple of days. Long sleeves from sweat shirts can also be used to help keep newborns warm for first few days. I match sock or sleeve to size of newborn, before I begin cutting, then adjust openings for each one specifically.

Monday, October 10, 2011

OUT !!!

Out, just a three letter word, but can be said as out, Out or as in this morning OUT!  I ran out of coffee a couple days ago, but instead of going 15 miles to town for coffee decided on using up some of my many tea bags instead.  But then this morning was an OUT morning, took the dogs out and standing by the garage was one of the heifers OUT of the pasture and in the yard.  Well all 5 were OUT and must have had a nice night playing in the yard, 3 bales of hay had big chunks out.  They decided to check out the patio, flower pots knocked over, but they stayed in the planters and off the patio.  Thank goodness for Dollar, cows did not like angry barking dog and put themselves away.  Note to self make sure gate is tied shut.  I think I over used the word out. By the way looking out the window the sun is going to be out and it's going to be a nice day.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Playing Match Maker

Going to be time to put rams in with the ewes soon.  Instead of breeding the ram I bought with the same 5 ewes this year, I am going to breed one of the ram lambs to 2 of the older ewes.  Since all 5 ewes last year had twins I am thinking of holding off til next year on breeding the ewe lambs.  Then next year I will purchase an outside ram for the 6 yearling ewes, and any new ewe lambs from next crop.

Original ewes purchased from Diana Flowers, Sierra Shetlands,
 whites: l to r, Macey, Flo, Pebble
Blacks: lto r, Ousta, Ollie

Rams, Alan will be bred again to Ousta and Ollie, love the color of their lambs, and one of the white ewes. 

MHF Alan

Buster will be bred to 2 of the white ewes after rechecking pedigrees and background
colors and 2011 lamb colors.
Buster is an Alan/Ousta breeding 2011 lamb.  Love his coloring.

TLL Buster

Check out 6 ewe lambs from 2011 on my Tombstone Livestock Blog.  Love the variety of colors.  There were 7 ewe lambs unfortunately a Moorit lamb caught her leg in a wire feeder and broke the rear leg half way below the hip.  Vet put her in a splint but because the break was so high up she will never be able to support the weight of lambs, hope to find her a pet / fiber home where there is not a ram.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Temperature Changes

The temperature has really changed since last week, today's high was 74, tomorrow's forecast will be high of 64 with rain.  Last week we were in the mid to high 90's and high humidity.  Today's temp is much nicer ... but ............ time to find the cold weather clothes, a drop of 20 degrees in a matter of days, hard to think about the need to bundle up in just a matter of days.  Really going to need blankets tonight.  Finally turned off the ceiling fans for the first time in months and closed the windows tonight.  Looking forward to the cooler weather, just not quite ready.  Large bag of daffodils to plant, as soon as it rains and the ground is soft, will be a good project.  Bought yellow snapdragons and yellow and orange violas for various planters.  Orange violas were planted in wire basket and will look good with a mini pumpkin tucked in too.  Another project in the process is a bottle tree, the rods are in place, some on the bottles too.  Planted day lillies around the base, just need to soak the labels off 3 more of the blue Azul wine bottles, and drink another 2 and half leaves (Perrier bottles .. lol) and then put up divider fence to protect from romping dogs at play.  Maybe with the cooler weather will be more incentive to get outside and work on projects.  Rain tomorrow will help settle the dust, then a couple of days of sunshine and I can sit outside and watch the grass in the pastures turn green again.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Need to Stop

It doesn't really make any sense to go to the Goodwill or Salvation Army with stuff to donate at the back door and then walk in the front and find more stuff that I really don't need.  Took some old curtains that have been in the cabinet for the last  12 years, (previous owners taste) that came with the house, a basket, and a doggy tv remote holder.  Went in the front and came out with a margarita glass, only one, a gravevine heart shaped basket, and a copper pot.  Hmmmm ok, grapevine basket can be outside yard art, the margarita glass is unusal, not the kind with the cactus, but with a man with a sombero sitting against the stem.  Copper pot label said it originally held popourri, but it could be for soaps or other things.  I guess the point is when you get tired of some things you can always find something else to take it's place.  Like the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasures.

and now there are 13 little ones
 Craigslist is another one I have tried to avoid lately, bookmarked to farm and garden listings, I don't need anymore animals, actually did a headcount last week and need to downsize, seriously downsize since breeding season is now and there will be more new babies to add to the  13 that were born last month.  But then I wander to other listings.  Found a really neat hand made buffet, want to customize a bit, top shelves are open on the back, would look really good with beadboard backing, (road trip to Lowe's).  Of course right next to it was a stacked unit with 5 wicker baskets and it is painted the same color as the hutch.  Hmmm more projects, buffet bottom has lower shelf and only 2 drawers, would look really neat with a gathered skirt under the drawers to hide plastic bins I have wool and soap making supplies stored in.  Have enough of the same fabric to cover a cushion for white wicker chair.  Now I just need to find a spot for the furniture that is taking up my space ............. maybe another donation trip is in order.