Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Colors in My Corner of The World

Even though I live in Central California there are some trees that have a nice display of fall foliage.  My neighbors driveway is lined with Chinese Pistache trees.  Too bad they are not Pistachio trees, some of them hang over my fences. 

These trees were planted by a previous owner, driveway must have at least  100 trees lining both sides of the driveway. 

The mountain on the left gets snow occasionally, and behind the clouds you can see the snow in the Sierras on a clear day.  All that grass is on the other side of my fence ....... of course my sheep are not shy about sticking their heads thru and having a bite since there are no animals over there.


  1. Beautiful trees! I worked in a nursery for awhile and they do well here in Southern AZ too! Funny, I took a picture of my lone tree with color yesterday and I am going to put it on my blog here in a few days! :)

  2. Glorious! Fall really is a special time of year, beautiful colors and relief from the summer heat!