Friday, October 26, 2012

Have you Herd I took a road trip today ...........

I took a trip up to the Mill in Oakhurst today to pick up all my Shetland and Angora Fleeces.  I saw this interesting rock on the way up so I had to stop and take a picture on the way home.  Lighting is not great but there was only a narrow spot on the road to get out and take a picture, and I did not feel like crawling thru a barb wire fence to get better lighting.

Kinda filled up my truck with bags of fleeces, stuffed in everywhere but the drivers seat .....


I know the correct spelling for this title should have been "Have you Heard" but here is the Herd, 4 goats of one breed can be called a herd .... right?  Stopped on the way back from the mill to pick up these 3 girls and 1 guy from friend selling her house and livestock to move out of state.  At the price of gas I like to combine my errands and she was only a couple miles from the route to the mill.  I did not want to see them end up at the auction so I now have a 3rd breed of goat here now.  These are registered Pygoras.

Don't forget "Hug a Sheep Day"

Don't forget tomorrow is "Hug a Sheep Day"


  1. No I have not lost my mind yet, but Google's Blogger is sending me down that road. My last 2 posts I have not been able to see the pictures as I am writing posts. Tuesday's post came out fine, tonight's mixed up all my pictures and text and I could not see it until I was published. So tonight's post is like a jigsaw puzzle you will have to put pieces together to figure it out. I had a picture from last week on this same route, would not publish picture and I tried to add it tonight and it will not add it again. Should have taken a new picture of that old truck today when I passed it again, oh well, next time.

  2. Forgot in my frustration to say that the rock is flat on the sides almost looks like it is sitting there waiting on a giant Fred Flintstone to come along and finish making it into a wheel.

  3. The Pygoras are interesting looking goats... a good addition to the herd.
    Where did you put the goats? On top of the bags of fleece?
    That rock is scary. I'm glad you didn't try to get any closer. It looks precarious.

  4. Blogger is enough to make you lose your mind some days! We figured it out - not to worry. The Pygoras are a cross between pygmies and angoras, right? Are they primarily for fiber? And, yes, just where DID you put the goats?? That is a LOT of fiber - I think you will be spinning 24/7 this winter. Is that rock naturally formed? How amazing!

    1. Yes the Pygoras are Pygmy/Angora crosses that finally became a recognized breed. I had a Pygora years ago before I had ever heard of them. Kinda like designer dogs .. we used to call mutts, LOL.

  5. Morning....what a weird shaped that you took in the Pygoras....they are so sweet.....Can you hug your sheep for me ....I don`t have any.....Blessings Francine.

  6. i can't believe you added more goats. well, yes i can. :) you have a big heart to help your friend (and her goats). i do think that rock looks pretty precarious up there!

    sorry blogger is giving you fits. wonder why it affects some but not others. i use google chrome. i've heard other programs like internet explorer or firefox sometimes have issues with blogger.

  7. Don't blog when tired ... LOL .... I realized last night that since the pictures were not showing I had clicked on them several times when I selected them to post, I fixed that problem and then lost the Hug a Sheep so it is there now twice. No room for the goats????? I have a truck, did not hook up the stock trailer since I was going to the mill and it was up a mountain road. I could have dropped the trailer at the goats home first, but instead loaded truck bed with a bunch of dog crates for them. Should have taken a picture of the goats in the dog crates.

  8. That is a very cool rock and not one I'd want coming down the hill!

  9. Please hug them all from Samson and me! And how nice of you to adopt those three. I know they will be just so happy at your place.