Monday, December 31, 2012

Few local scenic spots ..... view of the dam and the snow.

and the river

This is Dalton Mountain, most people think of the Dalton Gang in Kansas, but for a time they were train robbers in the San Joaquin Valley and this was their hideout.  

Saw the clouds on my way home, didn't pull over to take a picture ... this shot is from my front gate.

And around the house ...

Dollar all curled up on my right on the sofa napping

Bella napping on my left side

Bella telling me she is bored and wants attention, you can't see her paw
on my shoulder, telling me to get off the computer and play with her.


  1. Are you downstream from that dam? I'd be scared to death to be in that position!

  2. Gorgeous territory you live in! Your pups sure have a hard life. Could they be more pampered? (If only all dogs were so well loved and taken care of!)

    Sending best wishes for a very Happy New Year of 2013!

  3. oh, your sweet and beautiful pups!!!

    you have gorgeous scenes all around you. :)

  4. Love our fluffy kids, all are beautiful......Happy New Year, Francine.

  5. And here I lounge with Max nestled beside mr :-) I know all to well what a bored pup acts like lol! Did you see I used some Candlewick on my latest table? I know you would have mack me if you were with me but, I actually passed up a piece of Candlewick at Goodwill last week because I thought I already had it!! Grrrr! I have my china cabinet all ready to show off later this week. I thought of you as I was putting it together :-) Happy New Year dear friend. Let's hope 2013 brings us both more smiles than tears!

  6. Beautiful scenery and I love your spoiled pups!
    Happy New Year to you!! :)

  7. Dollar and Bella have the right idea. :)

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family... and the critters.
    Dollar is a sweet dog. Bella is a baby... a big wonderful baby. I love dogs. Couldn't live without them.
    Did not know that there were mountains in Kansas. Guess I should travel across the U.S. more often.
    Take care, C.

  9. You can tell that I have had a long couple of months.You are talking about California, not Kansas. My brain must be hiding in one of those Dalton gang hideouts. I'm so glad that Kansas doesn't have mountains and you do. Sorry!
    Still do love those dogs.

  10. Gus sits up on his haunches and pokes me with his nose when I'm at my desk and he want attention.

  11. What beautiful pictures and love the dogs. I just can't imagine seeing the views you see every day. Interesting about the Dalton Gang hide out. Have a great weekend.(what is left)