Friday, February 8, 2013

What's been happening ....

Daffodils are coming up 

Narcissus are blooming all around outside the house

but then yesterday morning the grass was covered with frost

 and some storm clouds moving around

Cleared up in the afternoon in time for these babies arrival both does, hooray, 
this is a registered doe I bought years ago, always had 2 buck kids til last year when she
had a buck and a doe, so these will probably both be keepers.

Since the weather cleared up last night I decided to drive up the mountain
and go to fiber group get together, came out weather was clear and cool until
I got about a mile down the road, heavy rain, hail, wind, and just light rain 
when I got home, right now it is pouring down hard as I look out the window, 
hoping it lets up when it is chore time.  Up until yesterday our total rainfall since last July was 4 inches, that's less than some people get in an hour.

For all of you expecting a big snow storm this weekend stay warm, stay dry, take care.


  1. glad you're getting rain, even if it intrudes on chores and everything! and you get spring even before we do, i think!

  2. Hooray for little does!! :)
    Love seeing flowers already! The foliage of my small irises never even died back. I don't know enough about them to know if this is "normal" or not.
    We are under a winter storm watch for tomorrow, which means I'm staying home from the Farmer's Market...again. (sigh)

  3. Ha! You get spring a full three months before we do! Those little does are adorable. Sounds like that mama knows how to do the birthing thing with no help.

    Even though it makes chore time a bit of a hassle, I'm sure you're glad to be getting the rain. We're hoping for some snow Sunday/Monday.

  4. The babies are so cute. thanks for sharing pics.


  5. Wow, Spring has sprung looks like...lucky you.....Nice o get rain to, Francine.

  6. Good thing daffodils can take the cold weather. :)

  7. The only daffodils I have seen lately are in the supermarket. Goodness knows when we'll see them after all the snow this weekend. Enjoy your springtime!

  8. The weather was kind of squirrely here yesterday too. We finally had some rain but we need more and more snow in the mountains. I was in the valley all day, yesterday, and it was sunny and kind of warm. As I drove back up into the foothills there was this big black cloud over Jackson and a rainbow. I drove into a rainstorm. In an hour it was over. This morning it was freezing but the sun shined all day. Squirrely weather I tell you.
    Your daffodils are beautiful! They seems to love the wind and rain. They're stronger than they look.
    Congrats on the new babies. They're adorable and mom should be proud.

  9. glad you got does...Out of 7 kids born this week I have 2 does. We've been having spring off and on all winter. Things start blooming and turning green and then we'll have enough frost to turn everything brown again. Crazy winter.

  10. Those little babies are adorable. Did you get a snowstorm eventually? We did here, about 2 inches that melted in two days. Now it's only a little left on the north side of the junipers.

  11. Goodness, the weather has been eventful lately. The kids are cuties. So glad it went well.