Thursday, March 21, 2013

#3 Shetland Lamb has arrived.

When I went out this morning there was #3, love these Sheltands, so far these 2 year old
ewes have all had singles, no problems, all clean, dried off, and nursing by the time I get up.

When I first saw this one I thought "oh no" another black lamb, figured that was all my new ram
was going to produce but look close, there is some white, little frosting on the ears, now why couldn't this one  be a ewe, instead of an adorable ram.

 Brandy and her ram lamb

I need to get busy and finish getting my "Wool House" ready before shearing starts.  
I took door off an old cabinet and painted with Blackboard Paint. 
Love the old mailbox and shovel door knocker.

Sheep Welcome sign I found at Tractor Supply

I tried to hose off some of the dust and cobwebs off the outside walls but all I managed to do was make the screen door stick, I would sand it down if I could find matching paint color.


  1. i like the horseshoes and longhorn head at the top - and that shovel doorknocker is awesome! :)

    cute little ram lamb. just a dusting of salt on that pepper.

  2. Love what you did with the cabinet door and blackboard paint! Are you going to keep the ram lamb? He's awful cute - I like the looks of the Shetland breed. Reminds me a lot of Icelandics (my personal favorite...:)).

  3. Oh my, what a sweet ram lamb, love the color, frosting on the ears......Great decorating, Francine.

  4. Oh my friend I don't know how you can part with him soooooooo cute. Can't you keep him?

    Love your decorations


  5. He is a cutie pie with that little touch of white!
    What great decorations around your front door, I love them all!! :)

  6. That picture of Mama Brandy? Now that's a fur coat!!! (You sure there's a sheep in there?)

  7. Beautiful picture of Mama and son. Would like to see more of your wool house. You certainly have an interesting life! Lots of work I know, but has to be so rewarding

  8. Awwww, just can't get enough of the Shetland lambs!
    I love the breed, they are so good about lambing, rarely if ever do you have to help them. Mine just do NOT want any help or interference.Love those primitive little gals.
    Happy Spring!

  9. Brandy is beautiful! Love that fleece. Your wool house is a dream!

  10. I just love the white tips on the ears! What a sweet lamb.
    Envious of your wool house! We have an old milk house in our driveway that would make a wonderful little yarn shop, but my husband uses it for sugaring. Before I can take over the milk house, I have to build him a sugar house.

  11. Pretty momma! Love your TSC sign :-).