Monday, November 4, 2013

Draft Horse Auction Sale Items and Birthday Presents

Last Saturday I went with my daughters to the big Draft Horse and Equipment Sale in Tulare, CA.  This is a huge and very fun event, there are well trained horses, wagons, carts, stage coaches, chuck wagons, and surreys for sale.  This year there were hundreds of saddles for sale along with a lot of antique and craft items too.  This used to be held in Spring and Fall, not sure if I missed the spring sale or if they are now just holding it once a year.
 Neat Barn wood hutch for someone's patio
 and a sink with a hand pump to go with it
a nice garden bench from old wheels
I would have brought this life size sheep home to put in my pasture but they were not aucitoning it off til much later or maybe even the next day
 an outhouse for children or a short person
I have 6 more photos but I have tried to post them all afternoon and keep getting an error, so that's all for now.  There were a couple of barn wood playhouses, and outhouse with a short door, showing a pair of ladies boots and lace trimmed skirt under the door.  Also took a picture of a tractor disk on a stand to hold briquets under cast iron dutch over for cooking outdoors. 

I bought myself a couple of birthday presents lately. 

One of our Fiber Group Members was going to sell this wheel at the Weaver's Guild, but I bought it instead, It's a Clemes and Clemes, ruh roh, just noticed I left a toilet paper tube on the lazy kate, LOL, I was going to wind off the bottom bobbin to take the yarn back to the owner.  The white yarn on the kate is a full bobbin I spun on this wheel the day I bought it.
Since everyone seems to name their wheels I think I will call her Clementine.  The Ashford can be Ashley and the Louet will be Louise .....................

I got this really neat dress form at the Draft Horse Sale and Auction.
Guess she needs a name ..... Auction Annie, Tulare Tess, Dressform Dotty????  Hmmm any suggestions?

And a birthday present from one of my daughter's ...
a birdhouse made out of one of her old boots and a horse bit.



  1. wow - your daughter is very clever. so cute! i like your swirly-girl dress form, too. sounds like a very neat sale/auction to attend.

  2. What a bunch of neat things! To have something like that draft horse auction and sale items to go to . . . there are advantages to living near big populations!

    Sure wish you could have gotten that sheep . . . really cool!

  3. Oh, love that cupboard, neat stuff. Your buys ate great, Blessings Francine.

  4. My hubby would have gone NUTS at that auction, he loves, loves old saddles! Good names for your spinning wheels and the dress form is just too cute! I pick Tulare Tess. What a cute bird house and what a clever idea! I hope you had a happy birthday! :)

  5. that is some neat barn wood. Love your other goodies and the birdhouse is very unique.


  6. I think I would have brought home a draft horse or my dreams, anyway. What a neato auction and show! That garden bench is the best! And I would have been bidding hot and heavy on that sheep, too. Your daughter is very creative - the bird house is lovely!

  7. Wow, I've not been keeping up with your posts. What fantastic stuff! I love places like that, LOL