Friday, December 27, 2013

Outgrowing their shirts

Here are the 2 lambs born little over 2 weeks ago, their shirts are more like muscle shirts now, no I have not cut any off, they are just outgrowing them.  Think I will take them off tomorrow and get ready to turn them out with the rest of the ewes and lambs.  Temps are now in the mid 30's at night and still in the 60's during the day.
Today there was a big package in my mailbox ....Sweatshirt sleeves ........... I hope no one in Idaho is running around with cold arms.   I had sent a picture of the lambs the day they were born to my cousin's daughter ........ today she sent me a whole wardrobe for future lambs, LOL.  Now I am thinking how handy these will be when the Shetlands start to lamb, first off, it will be easier to keep track of twins born to ewes if they have matching coats, and if I start off getting them used to wearing something they should be easier to get them to wear coatx.
Still no significant rain here, it has only rained twice about 1/2 inch each time, grass is trying to sprout but until we get a really good rain and the ground gets some much needed moisture there is nothing for the sheep or goats to eat.  My latest stack of 72 bales of alfalfa is dwindling fast.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas
looking forward to a
Great New Year!


  1. they do look a bit snug, now. :) so cute.

    i hope you get some RAIN!

  2. We are at about half of our normal rainfall for our "rain year" which starts Oct. 1. Could be a very dry summer here next year!

  3. Awwww they look so cute in their little muscle shirts. Sure do hope you get some rain really fast. and it sticks around for quite awhile....just nice gentle rain.


  4. Those will make cute, cute color coats :-).

    Happy New Year!!!!

  5. The little sheep are starting to look a silly in their baby coats! Sort of like little (human) kids do when their pants get way too short.) What a good idea to color code the babies. Ummm, but what to do if you get three or four at a time?

  6. I can't believe how big they've gotten! That's a great idea - the color coding. They move so fast, it's nice to be able to identify who is who(m) and belongs to who(m).

  7. Too cute! I will add rain for you to my prayer list. :o)