Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everyone ready for Halloween?  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  Time is flying by, time to finalize Shetland breeding groups, bring in another load of hay, find some motivation to get things done.  I have been needle felting, and made some orifice hooks for spinners out of wine corks and beads, now I need to find spinners that need orifice hooks, lol.

I didn't make it to the big Fresno Fair this year, missed my chance for a corn dog and other fair food.  Weather is finally cooling down into the 80's with even a 79 in the seven day forecast, now where have I stored my sweat shirts and cold weather clothes?  The big draft horse and equipment sale is coming up the end of this month, always a fun event.



  1. truly am hoping you will get some RAIN now that you've gotten cooler temps!

  2. Sorry you missed the fair. Good to see you back blogging! :-D

  3. Hoping for rain for you to. I wish I could send ours your way! And by the way, aren't corn dogs just so much better at a Fair? That and funnel cakes...sigh. Now I'm hungry.

  4. we have had nothing but rain for 2 weeks ... my sheep are so sick of being in the barn!
    I will be separating rams with the ewes they will breed end of the month, or first of Nov. depends on how motivated I am, which this year has left me without any.
    Hope you get rain soon, must cost a small fortune in hay.

  5. So how about showing us some pictures of the work your talented, crafty little fingers have been turning out? Please?

    1. Well 'putter problems are keeping me from posting new pictures, going to have to look at tablet tutorial to learn how to, post from here. The buggy pics are from some I already, posted and pulled off Picasa.

  6. Have a great time. I hope you got my email after I got your beautiful pumpkin. I posted it on Through My Back door FB page. I love it. Thanks again