Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finally ..............

Wonder if my rant on Blogger's help survey about "I HATE CHANGE" made them decided to give me my old posting options back.  Format looked totally different and would load pictures but then they disappeared and would not let me post any text.

Last week when I went to the grocery store as I passed the orchards of peach and plum blossoms I wished I had my camera.  Tuesday when I was coming home from the feed store I happened to have my jacket in the truck with my camera in the pocket.  So I took a slight detour and stopped to take some pictures of a peach orchard.  I live right near the Fresno County Blossom / Fruit trail and love it every year when all the orchards are in bloom.

Peach Blossoms

I have been waiting for this Angora Doe to kid, since she was the first one I noticed an udder on.  3 other does have already kidded, now have 4 babies, 2 billies, 2 does and she just keeps getting fatter.


  1. I'm glad you got your blog back!
    Beautiful peach blossoms! Tell that goat she better catch up with the other mommas!

  2. Oh the trees are sooooo pretty in bloom like that. Momma will probably have her baby in the middle of the night.


  3. Those blossoms are gorgeous! Maybe your Angora Doe is just . . . fat. She sure is purdy though, preggers or not!

  4. those blooms are gorgeous! hurray for spring!

  5. It sure looks like spring at your place! We are having the warm weather but trees are just starting to bud here. Love the Angora!

  6. Hello! Thanks for adding yourself as a follower on my blog Life on the Funny Farm. Your blog looks great; can't wait to explore more!

    1. I've come over from Punkin's Patch because I read that you survived the 89' earthquake and live here in the California Foothills. Me too.
      Spring has finally arrived with some RAIN and plenty of sunshine. It's been a strange winter and I hope for more rain but the weather is strange all over the place so we will just have to deal with what comes.
      Love the photos of the beautiful trees and your Angora doe.
      I have goats and chickens.
      I will be back.