Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's Mama Pea's Fault ...............

Mama Pea over at "A Home Grown Journal" has posted a tutorial on crocheted rag rugs.  Today as I threw 2 feed sacks of hay rope into the dumpster a light bulb went off .................. I am going to start cutting hay rope next to the knots to get the most of each string and try to crochet a rug out of it.  Why not, won't cost anything, would make good porch rug, or dog rug, and when it gets too dirty there will always be more hay rope to make a new one.  That's all I need is another project.

Ok, off to my spinning class for the afternoon.


  1. I've had that idea for years but have never done it. I was thinking of braiding ablout 6 strings together and using another string to "sew it " in the round or oval shape. Figured it would be good on porch to scrape mud/manure off. Repurposing!!!

  2. Great idea, heaven knows we have a TON of those silly hay strings too! Can't wait to see your rug!

  3. I think it would work. I've seen baskets made out of hay rope. By the way we call in binder twine here in the Pa. I think it's neat how there is different names for one thing in different parts of the country.


  4. Now that is a great idea! There is never any end to baling twine (what we call it here). I can't bring myself to throw it away - and it would be great door mat material!