Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lambs have names ........


I only got pictures of these two boys this morning ... everyone else kept hiding behind mamas, since all last years lambs names started with a B, this year's lambs will all be named starting with  C's.

The girls will all have names from my maternal grandmother's side of the family, Clara, Clarissa and Clarinda.  The black and white, yes he is turning similar to one of the ewe lambs born last year, will be named Clark, a name pulled from my father's side of the family.

The boy in the top photo is turning brown so his name is now Clay.



  1. cute. i like your naming system - keeping same starting letter for the birth year. smart!

  2. I really like the chore of naming animals. When we decided to stop raising goats, I still had a list a mile long of names I'd picked out for any new kids. I, too, like your naming system. Helps keep track of who was born what year.

  3. Great naming system and I love all the names! Hmmmm...might have to steal Clarinda if I have any little goat girls next year! LOL!!