Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Thrift Strore Finds

Yesterday I went to the Thrift Stores looking for a specific item ............ didn't even find anything even close, but there is always something that I come home with ..... if I needed it or not.  Life would probably not have ended if I didn't buy these ................ but here's what I came home with ..........

Naturally I could not pass up the 2 small Candlewick glasses

Of course since today is Cinco de Mayo I had to buy the Avocado and
Chilli Pepper dishes.

$3.00 cute little cottage pitcher

These will look great on the deck railing planted with succulents


  1. I saw an avocado dish just like that at thrift last week? I didn't buy because it was missing the spoon? Still kicking myself! Who would have known but me? Of course you had to get the Candlewick sherbets! We would have been arm wrestling for them if I had been there :)

  2. There is always "treasure" to be had at the thrift stores,lol! The hunt is almost as much fun as bringing home what you find!

  3. You always find the best things. Love the avocado and chili set.

  4. Oh, a blast from the past! I'm sure my mom had a set of those Candlewick glasses when I was very small. I wonder what happened to them?

  5. What a haul! I can see why you couldn't leave the store without them!

  6. I love the avocado dish and the Candlewick glasses! :)