Thursday, June 28, 2012


Cast Iron Sheep Bank on the left, Terra Cotta Sheep Bank on the right.

a whole herd of cast iron sheep, all but 2 on left are banks

cast iron goat, horse and pig, goat and pig are banks

3 pull toys

couple sheep and border collie doorstops

and another border collie, sheep doorstops.  I also have a napkin
holder that matches the sheep doorstop.

and a mailbox that I decided not to put out on the road to get beat up.

This is just a small portion of my collection of sheep, goats and border collies.


  1. oh, i like the cast iron items! really cool collections!

  2. Lovely collections! I'd be jealous, except I don't like to dust. ;-)

  3. Those are wonderful! How long did it take you to collect them? I love the sheep mailbox, but I agree - they take a beating.

  4. What a cool collection! And they all look to be in very good condition.

  5. Love your collections. I have a bunny one and a few sheep, mostly stuffed toys. :)

  6. Love your collection, those sort of things are rare here in the south, i could never find anything of those sorts, thanks for sharing.