Sunday, June 24, 2012

Then and Now

I took this picture last year on June 20th, several months ago I drove by after a heavy wind storm and noticed that it proved to be too much for this old barn.   I am so glad I got pictures before damage was done.

Since I had the camera with me today, I drove the long way home to take another picture before this old barn is gone forever.

Up early yesterday and noticed the clouds, so had to go outside and take a picture or two

There is a fire still buring in the Sierra's in Sequoia National Park ... notice the line of smoke
hanging on the horizon.

Just a reminder or two of the forces of Mother Nature .......................


  1. aww. that first shot is sweet. sadly, it'll tumble eventually.

  2. That is a great old barn! I hate to see it collapsing. Beautiful sky shots!

  3. Love the before and after shots of the barn! :)
    We have fires burning around here too and it seems there is always a haze of smoke on the horizon.

  4. Boy, tell this to Colorado. Nature is brutal. Of course, the fires are mostly caused by man's carelessness, but Ol' Mother Nature can do some pretty awful stuff all by herself.
    Old barns are so amazing. I love photos of them. It's too bad that most have a sad ending. Love that first photo.

  5. Love the old barn. Why can't they just stand forever? They must have so many interesting stories to tell.

    Fires are so scary. I know we have many defenses against them and ways of controlling them these days but they still scare me.