Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finally something to Post ..... RAIN

Not much compared to what other parts of the country get, but hopefully enough to get the pastures to sprout some green grass.  Since it has only sprinkled a couple weeks ago this is the first rain since last April.   This picture is out my front door looking east towards the Sierras.  I think the least amount of rain here since moving here in 1999 was about 6 inches and the most was about 18 inches .... for the year  .... I know there are areas that get that much or more in a day.

This is Mr. PIB I told my sister in law if he was a girl I would have named him PIA for Pain In A... instead he is Mr. Pain in Butt  .... I think he is trying to tell me that I need to get the Mulcher/Blower out and clean the patio for him.

He is kinda good looking for being such a pain.

I just looked out the window ... it is not raining right now but there is a big rainbow .... going to see if I can find that pot of gold.


  1. Yippe for rain! I hope you get plenty! Mr. PIB sure has pretty eyes for being such a pain :-)

  2. pib is very pretty! :)

    congrats on the rain! i hope it brings green!!

  3. Evening, yes, I agree, PIbs is really pretty, so happy to hear you got rain, good luck finding the pot of gold......Blessings Francine.

  4. Don't you love the rain? I've been smiling all day.
    PIB is a find looking cat. I love his acronym.
    I see palm trees in that first photo. Someone must have had a big fancy home there at one time. Didn't they use to line driveways with Palm trees for the rich and famous?
    Hope you find the pot of gold. Maybe gold in California is really water... rain water.

  5. Mr PIB is a handsome cat! Glad you got some good rain finally. I'd have withered up and blown away by now.

  6. Happy rain! What a beautiful view! Mr. PIB is a good looking dude! I think he knows that.

  7. Beautiful view from your place. Now those are mountains! Wishing rain your way. I bet a little rain makes everything so very green there. You cat is a beauty. Even if he is a boy. :)

  8. Good to hear you've gotten a little rain. Hoping the rain gods send even more to you. For a while there it looked like we were going to go into winter very dry also, but we have had a couple/few days of misty rain which has been very good for the soil. It's actually amounted to more than it seemed because our pond that fills from the drainage of the hills behind us has even been coming up. Rain is good!

  9. Congratulations on finally getting some rain! :)
    Your cat is a very handsome fella!!