Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twelve and Thirteen ..............

... Thirteen is a lucky number, right?

I have lost count on boys vs, girls so far, but these 2 are both ewe lambs, now 
if we could just get some rain so the grass will start to sprout, really going to need
pasture to start producing to cut down on hay bill.  There are still 6 more Dorper ewes some look close to being due and one or two don't even look pregnant, but give them time, LOL.

At least there is still a few more months before the Shetlands start lambing and I still have 3 more 
Shetland ewes to put in with the rams next week.

While feeding a few days ago I saw a dead bird on the other side of the fence in
neighbor's field, looked a little bigger than a dove, so I went and looked at 
it but did not have camera.  It was missing the head but looked like a young
hawk.  Well now there is just a pile of feathers and yes it was a young red tail.

Lately the news has been hyping up that California is due for a BIG storm, well I am a little
better prepared than some of those on the east coast, just because I don't live near the grocery store I am
used to stocking up.  Matter of fact last week when I went to the store it had been 2 weeks since I went to town.  But it is now time to keep the diesel can full for the Mule and I think if the price of gas goes down a bit more I will fill the tank in the truck.  I never let my tank in the truck go below a quarter of a tank because I don't want to have an emergency and have to go somewhere at night a search for an open station.  But with the prices lately I don't fill it up either, just $20 - $40 depending on my plans for the week.  If I filled it up all the time I would probably be found out joyriding taking pictures everywhere.

Have a good day, stay safe,


  1. laughing at your 'full tank' joyriding. :)

    you've got your hands full with ewes and lambs.

  2. Evening......such sweet many......pray you get rain......Wonder what ate the Hawk???? Sure hope there is not another storm......stay safe.......Blessings Francine.

  3. Those Dorpers look like a cross between goats and sheep!

    This Spring it is going to be so hard for me to give the want-to-be pastures time to grow grass to a level that the sheep won't stunt it for the rest of the year. Hay costs are crazy, especially in your neck of the woods (from what I have read).

  4. Your little lambs are as cute as could be.

    We've been holding back from joy riding around the countryside lately, too. (Hee-hee.) We have a tank for vehicle gas here on the homestead but it's been empty for a while since we'd practically have to get a loan to fill it! But we've been keeping our eye on gas prices and may go ahead and get it filled pretty soon now as the prices around here (northern MN) have been coming down the closer we get to the election.

  5. I hope that storm brings you needed rain - but not too much! I need to drive a half hour to get to a store, so I tend to stock up out of necessity - even though I drive past the store going to/coming from work. I only stop if absolutely necessary, and not more often than every other week. That, and I canned enough food for a family of six. Those lambs look nice and healthy - and twin ewes!

  6. Cute babies! :)
    Hope you get some rain. I hear ya' on filling the tank. We do on my little car but hubby's truck hasn't had a full tank of gas in a couple of years! Prices have come down a bit here, it was $3.58/gal in our little town for regular unleaded yesterday. It's cheaper in Tucson.