Sunday, January 27, 2013

How now Brown Cow ..............

 and 2 black ones, all young heifers.  My cow is at my daughter's with a new heifer calf, she brought these three here yesterday to mow one of my pastures.

and when I went out to feed this morning another single lamb, nice looking little ewe

I took these pictures tonight while feeding / doing chores, these three pictures are all within a few minutes of each other, just shows you how the clouds look so different as you stand and  turn around.  This is looking east to the Sierras, bet they are getting snow up there now.

and looking due north ... do you see the rainbow?

and turning to look at the west this is where the sunshine was coming from.


  1. oh, the turnaround photos are cool! loved the broody first one and then ending with the glorious sunset. :)

    congrats on a good healthy lamb! hopefully many more to come. happy munching heifers!

  2. What wonderful scenery to look at every day! Both the animals AND the mountains :)

  3. Wow, love that little black faced sweet....beautiful turn around pics....Blessings Francine.

  4. Your sky looks like ours today! Guess the storm finally got here. :)
    Love your "lawn mowers" and the little lamb is soooo cute!!

  5. What amazing views! They look like three totally different places! And all those girls! That is great news - very nice little ewe lamb.

  6. Love the way the fence wire shows up in that first photo. You really do have amazing views from your place. So different from ours, but beautiful!

  7. love the lamb, she is adorable with that little black face.

    Love you pics too.


  8. don't you love least all the kidding and calving? all the work is something else but comes with the territory. smile.

  9. Beautiful animals and views. I can't figure out where you are though, I'm guessing quite further down in the valley than we are.