Monday, January 21, 2013

Not much happening ...................

Dollar checking the Mule for mice in the hay

 I defaced my kitchen / back porch door ....... I got tired of
taping notes on the door .......

So ... after sanding inside of the panel, I painted it with Blackboard
spray paint .....................


Hang in there girls, the shearer will be here the end of March ...
I keep looking for udders on the girls here since they will be
the first to start lambing, these are the 2 year old ewes, ram is first one 
in the group, need to move him out soon, ahhh ... another pen to build.



  1. wooly beasts.

    i like the noteboard for yourself! i hope it works well for you!

  2. Really like the "blackboard" panel you made on the door. Clever lady you are!

    It looks so nice and sunny at your place. We hit a high (yep, I said high) today of -11F with NO sun and a bit of a breeze. Good day to stay inside, huh?

  3. Hello, love the blackboard, how neat is that, great idea....Love the wooly girls, Francine.

  4. Great idea! I posted something similar that I wanted to do at the farm but alas, we had to get rid of the door I could have done it on. Now you've inspired me to look elsewhere. :-)

  5. Great idea on the door! Whish my door was like that.
    It is that wonderful time of year, when you raise sheep, weather is not hot yet, lambing has not started, hay is stacked in the barn. Those few peaceful, stress free months!
    And soon they will be gone! Love your girls fleece. I just love the white fleece anyway.
    I hope you have a smooth lambing season.

  6. I love that blackboard paint - what a good idea! There are some beautiful fleeces in that group! What breed of sheep are they? You are going to be hopping pretty soon - lambs!!

  7. I love your wooly woolies! Dollar is doing a good job on mouse duty and what a great idea with the blackboard paint! :)

  8. chalkboard paint is great. Oh how exciting...little lambs...I love lambs.


  9. You are so busy with your ranch! Love the pictures