Friday, May 17, 2013

Squirrel, Clouds, Lamb races, and other things

There was a squirrel chirping away under the chain cover on the manure spreader, looks like I have a bumper crop of ground squirrels this year..... front pasture is full of squirrels and what's worse is all the large holes they have dug everywhere.  

Dollar, Fancy and Sadie .... they know it is in there somewhere ...

Temps have come down drastically, thank goodness, thanks to these clouds yesterday, 
but, no rain, that's ok since they brought the temps down to the 80's.  It's too late this year to do the pastures  any good, won't see any green til next winter, but clouds are welcome anytime they block out the hot valley sun.

Every evening when I go out to feed, the younger Shetlands hold lamb races, so much fun to watch.

Forgot to mention I have a bottle baby, she heard me come out of the house, she is small enough to crawl thru some of the panels to the ewes pen.  Here she is greeting me at the back door, wanting her bottle .... NOW.  Even after I feed her she continues to crawl out of the pen and chase me,  I know she can run faster than 10 miles an hour when I go up the hill to feed the cows.  I call her PIA for Pain in A.. , she thinks she is not a lamb, and does not belong in a pen. 

and I have another new sheep to add to my collection, my cousin was here for a visit, decided his sheep needed to come live with my herd.  

and I saw another snake this morning .... not a rattlesnake, but about 3  ft. long green snake, haven't seen any that look like that before, need to get on the net and find out what kind it was.  Looks like I will be wearing those ugly black rubber boots all summer.

Dogs got skunked Monday night, Febreze has not helped Dollar's odor at all..  

I think the neighborhood wildlife is hanging out here to help themselves to the critters water.


  1. ooh, have suffered thru the skunking several times this spring! usually 3 of my 4 get it! ugh!

    your bottle baby is adorable - and obviously very smart. love the races!!! and love your varmint-hunting dogs as it reminds me of mine!!!

  2. and i'm loving the 'counting sheep' sheep!

  3. Ugh hate snakes. Try tomato juice on the skunk odor.

    Lamb races are so cute.

    Glad its not to hot but sure wish you would get rain.


  4. I just treated my friend's dog for skunk! The cure is a dilute bleach solution. It is best if you do not get the dog wet first, that just spreads the skunk oil around. Just mix a small amount of bleach with water and then use a sponge or towel to wipe the dog (or anything else) down. If the Febreeze doesn't interfere, it will get rid of the smell instantaneously. I have used this method a number of times and it really, truly works.

  5. If Dollar, Fancy and Sadie want to come here for a vacation in cool weather and trim down our chipmunk population, they are welcome. (Well, maybe not Dollar until the skunk odor disappears.)

    Glad to hear you've gotten a little relief from those horribly hot temps.

  6. Our dog got skunked a couple of weeks ago and (before we knew she had just been skunked) we let her in the house and she ran around rubbing her face against furniture, rugs, etc. trying to rub the skunk smell off and of course rubbing it all over our house. Ay-yi-yi.

    It's interesting that you're having such a hot spring as we here in Virginia are going through an unseasonably cold and wet one.

  7. I'm glad the weather has cooled off for you and I hope the dogs can help cut down on the ground squirrel population. I will have to remember Dancing Donkey's skunk smell solution but I hope I will never need it! Your little bottle baby is a cutie pie! I have a counting sheep sheep too, #60. :)

  8. I'd have that little lamb on my lap in a minute. I guess that's why I don't live on a farm! Skunked dogs? GAG! Does tomato sauce help? I have orange California poppies growing in my pots. They remind me so much of CA but not enough to ever move back. ;o) Here's hoping your summer isn't brutal.

  9. Sorry it's been hot and dry for you. Been terrible dry here and was looking pretty grim until Thursday. It has been raining since so we have hope for a bit. S o far our skunk contact has been minimal. I' v heard something about hydrogen peroxide, dawn dish soap, and some thing else. My best has been Mother Natures Skunk Oder Remover.

  10. What an adoring look on Pia's little face. And I love the photo of the lambs playing. So much fun. I hope your cooler weather decided to stick around for awhile.

  11. Those lambs look like they are having a ball! So glad you at least got relief from the sun, but wish we could send you some of our rain. That bottle lamb is sure a cutie - what a shock it will be when she can't fit through the fence!

  12. Oh, can I come and feed the baby?! I LURVE bottle lambs... *sigh*
    And hello to #44... he doesn't look like he will eat very much. *haha*

  13. How sweet the lamb is. I would love to feed her. BTW Blue Minty Mouthwash is awesome for skunk smell. Dollar General Stores carry it. I keep it handy, haven't had to use it but once.

  14. Oh MY! She's not a PIA. She's ADORABLE!!! :-D

    Skunk Off works great. I keep it in the pantry at all times around here :-o.