Monday, May 13, 2013

When you're hot you're hot .........................

Last 3 days .... 101 on Saturday, 104 on Sunday, Mother's Day and 104 again today, Monday .... going to be a long hot summer, these are temps we usually see in July and August .... guess I better get those other 3 shade trees I have planted where the animals can benefit.

Daffodil, Dalton and Daisy are 2 months old, getting so big. 

Dillon, Dixon, and Diablo, the boys, hanging out in the shade, they are little over 2 weeks old now.

For Mama Pea and everyone that still has cold weather .... please send some my way ... I may have to spend the summer in a kidding pool or a water trough .......................


  1. oh, that's horrendous! WAYYY too early! i sure hope this is not setting the tone for the rest of the summer for you!

  2. It's cold here in N. Ga. still. Just crazy. But it did warm up. Or else I got hot mowing and started sweating. Whatever, it got warm. Now it's freezing again.

    That picture of your pasture this year is scary. I sure hope you get some rain there so your animals will have grass. We've had so much rain, the hay is waist high but too wet to mow. They should be mowing by now.

  3. Wow. That's hot. Like Amazon hot.
    Hope Mama Pea can manage to blow some of that northern wind down your way.

  4. Sorry A that it's so hot there already. I complained about the cold today but I hate the heat worse so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut.

    On a side note, we had a few flakes of snow falling today too, imagine that May 13th and you have record heat.

    Stay cool. Little guys are growing so fast. Still cute though.


  5. Oh, to hot.....there are all still very sweet, Francine.

  6. Wow, that is too hot too early!! We aren't far behind you though, expecting 100s by the end of the week. :(

  7. I would so gladly send you our freezing temperatures! Maybe we could find a way to mix them up and get some 'normal' weather? I bet your sheep are happy to have lost those heavy coats! Hope you get relief soon.

  8. Oh my is only may and triple digits already. We lost all of our blooms from the fruit trees due to warm weather and then late freezes. I ask the Lord about them and then we started having very cool nights again. I wonder if He is going to allow them to bloom again.

    Those sheep are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want some..No..No... I DID NOT SAY THAT!

  9. WHAT is going on in your neck of the woods? There is something very strange going on with the weather all over the U.S. of A if you ask me. No one seems to be getting "normal" weather this spring/early summer. But what can we do about it? Not one ding-dong thing. Sure do wish I could send you some of our coolness. We were working outside today and actually had winter hats on because of the bone-chilling breeze. It's weird!

  10. Wow! That is hot! We are just now getting into the hot weather and my sheep still have not been sheared ... to much rain here.
    So for now to help them deal, I give them their "crack water" Durvet vitamins and electrolytes, it helps with the stress of the heat. They can deal better.
    LOVE the black and white ram lamb ... wished I lived closer. I would LOVE to have him for my flock.
    Have a great weekend.