Thursday, September 12, 2013

No wonder I don't accomplish anything ...........

This is Buster, and the other pile of wool beside him is Brock, they are right where they are supposed to be ............ but this morning instead of 2 rams with big curly horns in this pen there were 3.  No open gates no sign of entry.  I use stock panels for pens for the shetlands, holds up better that standard rolled field fencing.  I use T-posts and some hay rope which I have an a bunch of to recycle.  This way pens can be taken down, moved, cleaned with the tractor, put back or relocated easily enough.  However hay rope does not hold up to those big beautiful curly horns very well.  C'Oso had managed to break a panel lose and can crawl under.

After some temptimg with some hay I got C'Oso back out thru the gate into the alley and back into a gate in his own pen with the help of a few panels in the alley to block him from coming back to socialize.  It was no big problem I didn't have to get into any of the pens with the 'boys' but after an extra half hour out in the sun this morning once again something on my to do list did not get done.  Come winter when I won't have to drive T-posts into ground as hard as concrete my goal is to put double panels with a tree or two inbetween the ram pens.  But since they did share a common fence line there was not fighting between any of the boys, did see a couple of minor head bumps while they were together but I have Dorper ewes that are more aggressive than these guys.
Guess I better check that to do list, I know there is a lot of laundry to be done, maybe I can check off some of that this afternoon.
I heard a rumor that there is World Wide Spin in Public Day coming up .... good cause that is what is on my list for this Sunday afternoon, an afternoon at neighbors winery spinning with some friends.  That is if the sheep stay where I put them.


  1. SO glad there was no fighting! that could have been very bad - for them AND you. whew! those panels are so handy to just rope or wire together.

  2. What a beautiful boy Buster is!! Would the boys harm you if you had to go into the pen with them? Or would it just be curiosity and their brute strength that would make them potentially dangerous to you?

    Hmmm, an afternoon of spinning with like-minded souls at a winery? I don't even spin and that sounds lover-ly!

  3. What would we do without cattle panels and baling twine? I use baling twine for everything -- since I have tons of it. An afternoon spinning at a winery sounds like a dream-day. Enjoy!

  4. It was a wonderful surprise getting that beautiful wool! I think it is beautiful. It will be in a basket on my wheel. I cannot thank you enough. I love the way it feels, makes me wish I did spin! I have to work at the Hen today, but wanted to say thank you! Thank you so much, I just love it.

  5. Spinning at a winery - boy I love the sound of that - I don't spin or own sheep, but that sounds so fun! Especially in California! Thanks for your visit - and I absolutely LOVE California, the landscape, the weather,... everything. Hey, how's the smoke situation? I'm hoping that those fires are being squashed quickly.
    Hope you have a great week!

  6. Good that they didn't start a fight. Maybe he just wanted some company...

  7. I tried to email you, but no luck with aol friends anywhere. About Angel. She was seen by a vet in Raleigh Durham, was tubed and sedated. That was at 11pm on Monday night. Arrived Tuesday night at 9:30 and our vet was here from 11:30pm to 3am (tubed, rectal exam, ultrasound, more meds and 4 huge bags of fluids). Has been improving ever since. A very expensive trip...and too long! Stressful.
    Nice blog! You must have a lot of critters!