Monday, September 9, 2013

Unhealthy ............

This morning's local news listed the air quality in all 5 counties is it's broadcast area as unhealthy, usually it's just one or two and the rest are listed as moderate.  This is smoke from the still burning Rim Fire that has been burning for 3 weeks now and is 3 hours north of where I am.  It is still listed as only 80% contained but it has not increase in acreage.  If it's this unhealthy here imagine what it is like for the locals.  I noticed last night at sunset there was a streak of smoke across the valley but this morning it is everywhere.

Poor sheep are really not enjoying this summer, wonder if they make gas masks for sheep, may have to invest in some if this summer never ends.


  1. gosh, as if no pasture, no rain and oppressive heat wasn't bad enough. i'm really sorry. my shrinking pond doesn't hold a candle to your woes.

  2. I would imagine that this is NOT very healthy for you and worse closer to the fire. I suppose no rain yet in your area?


  3. Poor sheep and poor you! The fallout from this fire hits a lot of people (and animals). I hope you all manage to get through this latest assault intact and healthy. I think that most of us can't wait to see the tail end of this year.

  4. I suppose there really isn't much you can do for the animals, but do take care of yourself. Stay inside as much as you can?

    Doesn't it seem as if we are having more natural disasters having to do with the environment? If it's not a fire, it's a flood or drought or something else.

    Be careful, Friend.

  5. Wow, that is really bad when it shows up in pictures! The news always says to stay indoors when it's nasty like that...yeah, right...tell that to the sheep! :(

  6. First of all, congratulations on the new calf! I know a bull calf is second choice, but I'm always relieved they and their moms are just healthy.

    But the smoke and air quality is bothersome. Our poor critters are innocent victims, sadly.