Monday, September 19, 2011

Mud Boots .... A Good Thing

I am so tired of wearing my mud boots in the summer, but after mud came foxtails, so boots protected my socks.  Last night I spent an hour chasing Bella around from pasture to pasture trying to bring her in to feed her.  Kinda awkward when you just stuff your toes into old tennis shoes and don't lace them up.  Tonight I decided to be proactive and put her on the porch before she got away.  So I fixed the dog food pans, gave the dogs their food and went to put empty cans in the recycle bin.  Kept hearing a very strange buzzing noise, thought it must be the solar motion center light that did not come on.  No, went and got the flashlight ........ it was a 3 ft + RATTLESNAKE, trying to hold flashlight and shovel and get snake, snake won and got away.  There is only about 20 ft between my back door and the building behind the house, and now there is a RATTLESNAKE loose in the area.  But sure glad I was wearing my mud boots.  The doggy door is now closed and locked and a shovel is right by the back door.  And believe me tomorrow morning when I go out I will be wearing those big clunky mud boots.

at least I can see Bella in the dark

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